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1. 20kg With Carry Case (CAST IRON 6500) Adjustable Dumbbells Consists Of;
0.5 kg*4
1.25 kg*4
2.5 kg*4
2*38 cm bars
4 pcs nuts
1 30cm connector for turning both the 2 dumbbell bars into a 1m barbell

(10kg each side inclusive of the dumbbell bar)

2. 20kg Chrome Set (Without Carry Case @5500) Adjustable Dumbbells Consists Of; 

2*40cm Dumbbell Bar (METAL GRIP)
4pcs nuts
1 30cm connector for turning the 2 dumbbell bars into a 1m barbell


Brand new 3 station multi-gym with punching bag for body building. Suitable for building body muscles: arm, leg, thigh, abdomen, etc. This home gym offers a complete strength building workout for the entire body.

INCLUDES: Lat pulldown, Punching bag and also has a station for pull ups, chin ups and leg raises




2*38cm bars

4 pcs nuts

1 30cm connector for turning the 2 dumbbell bars into a 1m barbell

  •  PAIR 2x 32KG Dumbbells with INSTANT adjustable weight selection from 2-32KG per dumbbell. 
  • 【Weight selections】2KG, 4KG, 8KG, 12KG, 16KG, 20KG, 24KG, 28KG, 32KG 
  • The innovative 32kg Adjustable Dumbbell is the perfect dumbbell for your home gym set up, whether you’re looking to train in your garage or your living room, removing the need for a full rack of dumbbells and can be used to build, strengthen and tone your entire body.
  • A quick, simple and safe adjustment dial is featured on the side of each dumbbell, all you have to do is give the dial a quick twist to the weight that you would like and then lift the dumbbell out and it will only take the amount you’ve selected.





2pcs*40cm with rubber grip

1pc- 1.8m bar

1pc- 1.2m ez bar


When used correctly the ab roller works a variety of muscles, including the core, triceps and lats. It’s an advanced training tool designed and structured as a simple device: two handles connecting a wheel.


This 2 in 1 multifunctional multi muscle group is the first amongst its kind here in kenya brought to you by KUFITNESS.

It has a 70kg weight stack which can be upgraded upto 300kgs (on request)

Constructed from 8mm gauge tubings that can allow a person of upto 150kgs to easily use it.

Adorned with leather seats and high end finishing,
Apart from its cable wearing off(easily replacable) after many years of use, there isnt any part which might need repairs or replacement.

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