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Ankle Straps


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By using ankle straps for the cable pulley machine, you can add to your legs and hips’ existing size, strength, and tightness. You can surely have better-looking legs by incorporating ankle strap exercises into your workout routine. The straps tighten around your ankles and come with a hook on the back or side. You can hook these straps into a machine called a cable pulley. Doing so will allow you to work out your legs and abs in different planes as cable pulleys help you move freely. When combined with a cable pulley machine, Ankle straps allow you to perform an effective workout that can strengthen your lower body.

After you have learned to use the ankle straps properly, let’s go through the exercises that can help you tone your butt, core, and glute.
> Leg Praises
> Hip Abductors
> Hamstrings Curls

Here at Khaira Ummah Fitness KUF we excel in providing the best quality equipment at the most affordable prices.


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