Khaira Ummah is a small charity group run by concerned entrepreneur youngsters who have a vision of eliminating poverty from their surroundings through the selfless act of sadaqa and uniting the Ummah on a common ground without any segregation.

Since the degradation of the Ummah, it has been observed that MOST rich people have no concern for the poor and if they do any charity work, then there must be show and pomp for publicity and indulgence in haraam activities thereby cancelling out the whole essence of sadaqa.
khaira ummah
Khaira Ummah was founded on a basis of doing everything the proper islamic way and encouraging people to remove sadaqa in an attractive and beneficial manner. i.e giving them their much needed services/products at a cheaper rate and forwarding the proceeds to sadaqa.
This way everyone benefits:
➖the supplier from whom we purchase bulk goods/services at discounted prices,
➖the customer who purchases from us at lower than market prices and
➖the profit made in between is benefited by the different members of society that are lagging behind due to lack of funds e.g
♦medical aid,
♦boreholes and madrasas in rural areas and
♦many other deprived entities.

Alhamdulillah we had one project initially where we sold safaricom data bundles at very cheap prices,the project was known as SURF AND SADAQA but before we could reap the fruits, it was unfairly shut down.

Bifadhlillah, Allah subhanahu wa taala has opened many other avenues for us to create a bridge between the rich and the poor. Our current projects are listed on our website product page.

Some services incur delivery charges depending on loocation.

If you want to partner with us and build a better society through your business,contact us and let us each other and earn your Aakhirat.

Dont only Donate in Ramadhan,make it a daily habit to give sadaqa and earn the benefits associated with it.

Khaira Ummah makes giving sadaqa Easy for you. No need to be in doubt about fraudsters on the street. Let your sadaqa go where it is most needed. .

Become part of Khaira Ummah by subscribing to our Special Offers and Islamic messages broadcasted to you on your whatsapp.

Why pay more? Why go around searching for what you want? Why buy something not suitable for you only because you dint know of something better and cheaper? Why not get everything you would like to have and also play your part in sadaqa by a simple whatsapp message?

For more information contact :
Khaira Ummah on whatsapp
Available from 8am to 5pm.everyday except friday.
All communications are done through these numbers.

May Allah accept from us and guide us in every step. Aameen.
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