Strength Training Equipment



i)2.2M Olympic Barbell 9000SH,
(Barbell Weight; 20kg, Max Load: 200kg)
“Barbells without bearings have slower rotation, which make them suitable for lower weights and most home gyms”

ii)2.2M Olympic Barbell WITH BEARINGS 13000SH,
(Barbell Weight; 20kg, Max Load: 300kg)
“Barbells with bearings have a smooth rotation so are better for Olympic style lifts e.g Clean Jerks, Snatch etc”

iii)1.8M Olympic Barbell 7000SH,
(Barbell Weight; 11kg, Max Load: 160kg)

iv)1.5M Olympic Barbell 5000SH,
(Barbell Weight; 8kg, Max Load: 135Kkg)

v)1.2M Ez Curl Olympic Barbell 5000SH,
(Barbell Weight; 6kg, Max Load: 110kg)

vi)Safety Squat Bar Olympic 18000SH,
(Barbell Weight; 23kg, Max Load: 200kg)

vii)Olympic Dumbbell Bar(50CM) 4000SH,
(Bar Weight; 5kg)

viii)Olympic Triceps Bar 8000SH,
(Barbell Weight; 8kg)

i)1.8M Straight Barbell 3500sh,
(Barbell Weight; 6kg, Max Load: 110kg)

ii)1.5M Straight Barbell 3500sh,
(Barbell Weight; 5.5kg, Max Load: 90kg)

iii)1.2M EZ Curl Bar 3500sh,
(Barbell Weight; 5kg, Max Load: 80kg)

iv)40cm Dumbbell Bar 1200sh (pair),
(Bar Weight; 1.7kg)

v)Connector (30cm) 1000sh

Note: Always measure the hole of your diameter of your weight plates to ensure that they are compatible with your barbell. There may be variants on the market.


Battle Ropes are efficient if you’re looking for a dynamic, fat busting full-body workout, ditch the weights and pick up some ropes. The rope (or battling ropes) are a must-have tool for anyone looking to pack on lean mass &the key to their effectiveness is that they work each arm independently, eliminating strength imbalances as they sculpt your muscle.


What you need to know about Kettlebells?

Coated in Vinyl material, kettlebells can be used to perform many types of exercises, including ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. Ballistic- meaning fast lifts is one benefit kettlebell training offers rather than the slow and controlled strength training most of us are used to doing. These types of exercises get your heart rate up in a whole different way than cardio and challenge almost challenge almost every muscle in your body.

Adjustable Power Rack

Adjustable Power Rack is a common piece of fitness equipment most often used for barbell exercises and is considered the most important tool for strength training. It consists of a steel cage that you stand in while exercising. These cages have horizontal safety bars that can be adjusted at varying heights to spot you during your workout. They are typically located wherever squatting is taking place. Although squatting is often associated with power racks, you can actually do several different exercises safely inside them,

Pull up bars can instantly be mounted to your door or wall. It requires your body own resistance to deliver powerful results fast.
The Pull up bars comes in two different choices;

1. Door Mounted Pull Up Bar

The door mounted pull up bar requires zero assembly. It has unique smart hook technology so you just hook it right into your doorway.

2.Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Wall mounted- this wall-mounted pull-up bar from iron body fitness is made of heavy-duty steel and can be mounted directly to a wall or permanent fixture. it’s a great way to work on your physical strength by targeting your back, arms, shoulder, lats, and abdominal muscles.

  • 18 adjustable positions open up a variety of exercises to suit any size athlete
  • Standard/Olympic Plates can be used with this machine. 
  • Includes dual stirrup handles and rubber feet to protect the flooring

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