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Pull Up Bars


Pull up bars can instantly be mounted to your door or wall. It requires your body own resistance to deliver powerful results fast.
The Pull up bars comes in two different choices;


1. Door Mounted Pull Up Bar

The door mounted pull up bar requires zero assembly. It has unique smart hook technology so you just hook it right into your doorway.



Pull Up Bars

2.Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Wall mounted- this wall-mounted pull-up bar from iron body fitness is made of heavy-duty steel and can be mounted directly to a wall or permanent fixture. it’s a great way to work on your physical strength by targeting your back, arms, shoulder, lats, and abdominal muscles.

Wall mounted Pull up bar
Wall mounted Pull up bar


There are also different varieties of pull ups that can be done using the Pull up Bars, they include;

 Traditional Pull-Up grip.

 Traditional Chin-Up grip.

 Neutral Grip Pull-Up.

 Close Grip Pull-Up.

 Close Grip Chin-Up.

 Wide Grip Pull-Up.

 Wide Grip Chin-Up.

 Mixed Grip Pull-Up.

 Around the World Pull-Up.

 Muscle-Ups.

 Towel Up.


Pull ups build the strength of your whole upper body in a natural

way, so that you can use this strength outside of the gym as well.

you can also do them every day, even if you don’t feel like going to

the gym.


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