Leg Press & Hack Squat Machine Description;

Leg press and hack squat machine:2-in-1, primarily includes training your lower body. This strength training machine combines leg press, hack squat, forward thrust, calf raise and aims to focus to develop your glutes, quads, calves, hamstrings, and core abdominal muscles. The Leg press and hack squat machine Constructed from durable steel, features large diamond-plated footplates, comfortable support padding for the lower back and shoulder areas, undercarriage dual weight sleeves that fit Olympic-style plates, and a weight carriage traveling on commercial linear bearings with steel alloy guide rods.

The wide diamond-plated footplate, mounted at the machine’s base, allows various foot positions and angles to engage different muscle groups while hack squatting. The thick shoulder and back pads provide comfortable padding that will reduce strain and stress on your muscles as you body build. The side rail handles dual as control handles and are set with three lockout positions to provide safety control and the option of different start/stop positions throughout either Leg Press or Hack Squat movements.


– Sled weight carriage travels on a 45-degree angle
– Safety handrails for complete control and easy bailout
– Dual loadable weight posts fit Olympic weight plates
– Ultra-tough back and shoulder pads contoured for maximum support of the lower back and shoulder areas.
– Comfortable and adjustable back pad/footplate angle
– Both back pads utilize a quick flip-and-lock mechanism
– Three lockout positions for both exercises
– Allows a load of 300-500kg of Olympic weight plates.
– Non-Slip diamond plated footplates
– Rubber non-skid feet to prevent sliding of the machine



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