Benefits of using Battle Ropes;

You’ll definitely work both arms, along with your back, chest, legs, and core, depending on your routine. Adding ropes to your routine also provides a killer cardio workout without the monotony that comes with other aerobically-focused activities.

Different Motions to try using Battle Ropes:

Try different motions to work different muscles and skills, e.g;

Going from side to side, for example, places more emphasis on your hips and core, building total-body stability.

Moving the ropes in circles improves shoulder mobility and range of motion, boosting athleticism and reducing your risk of injury.

Switching among different motions in your training sessions will help you sculpt functional real-world strength.

Battle ropes can be manipulated up and down, side-to-side, or even in circles to train a host of different muscles.

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Additional information

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1. Battle Rope (30mm), 2. Battle Rope (50mm)


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