When used correctly the ab roller works a variety of muscles, including the core, triceps and lats. It’s an advanced training tool designed and structured as a simple device: two handles connecting a wheel.

Dimensions; Length- 67cm by Width- 27cm @4500sh; Medium Step (1 height level)

Dimensions; Length- 79cm by Width- 29cm @6000sh; Big Step (2 height level)

KSh 1,000.00

Designed to offer the most targeted blood flow restriction for maximum muscle gain, The training bands reduce oxygen supply to the muscles to slow twitch muscle fibers and diminish their response to workout loads for faster muscle gain.

BFR can be a useful tool at increasing muscle hypertrophy and strength if used properly. Simply place the bands on your upper arms or legs. Can be used 2-3 times a week for 5-10mins.

Our patented blood flow restriction training bands for arms and legs induce hypertrophy at very low loads (usually 10-30% of a 1RM). When performed correctly, results achieved are typically similar to those achieved with 80% 1RMs.

KSh 5,000.00

Designed to be worn around the neck when performing bicep curls, Arm blaster enable people who are doing curls to maintain better form as while doing bicep curls, it is not easy to prevent your arms from swaying back and forth. If your shoulders and arms are not kept in a fixed position for long, you can end up straining your back muscles, leading to severe back injury and pain.
However, with the Arm Blaster you can easily avoid this problem you can keep your arms in a fixed position and effectively work on your arms muscles.

Boxing Gloves made from synthetic fabric, designed for the purpose to be used during matches and training sessions by both beginners and professional boxers.  Whether you are looking to practice for matches, training sessions or interested in kick boxing, Boxing gloves are worth the purchase.

Foam roller;

Foam rolling can be an effective tool to add to your warm-up or cooldown, before and after exercise. And the benefits of foam rolling may vary from person to person. The roller is a lightweight, cylindrical tube of compressed foam. It may be used for many reasons, including increasing flexibility, reducing soreness, and eliminating muscle knots. Foam rolling is a method of self-myofascial release.

Original price was: KSh 3,500.00.Current price is: KSh 2,500.00.
Original price was: KSh 3,500.00.Current price is: KSh 2,500.00.

Handmade high quality Genuine cowhide Amara leather with Forway fabric and a neoprene strap with silicon printing on the palm, specially customized with our Logo. Gym gloves are designed for the purpose to be used during workouts. Mainly used by weightlifters while working out and lifting heavy weights,  gloves are important to secure your hands bringing in comfort, support and provide a firmer and improved grip. It also proved stability and reduces the risk of injury.

Available in; Medium, Large & Extra-large. (sold in pairs)

XL; Length- 19cm, width; 13.2cm
L; length- 20cm, width- 12.5cm
M; length- 18.6cm, width-12cm

KSh 1,500.00

Fabric material, Length 200cm.

Knee wraps is an excellent choice to be used during workouts as the wraps provide a tight knee compression whether you’re squatting, power-lifting, cross-training, weightlifting, bodybuilding, or doing any other leg exercises and is mainly tied around the knee to boost leg strength, support, etc it is effective in giving your leg a great workout and increases your workout performance, protects your knee joint with added compression, and prevent possible injuries from heavy weight lifting.

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