Vinyl dumbbells are different unlike other adjustable dumbbell sets, the workout weights are made of solid concrete covered with a material covered with hard plastic but the finishing gives the tool a smooth and elegant look.

The fixed dumbbells are easy to grip and do not chip or damage floors. Available in weights ranging from 1kg-5kg, Vinyl dumbbells are an excellent choice for Newbies. The main reason is that they allow them to practice according to their form and perform properly for all types of weight exercises without having a heavier load on them as they are still new to the field.

Used for various upper-class workout, the dumbbells are normally used to prevent any functional injury or rehabilitation of the weight trainer. According to the strength of your arms the dumbbells can be great for muscle toning and step aerobics.

  • 1kg- 800
  • 2kg- 1600
  • 3kg- 2400
  • 4kg- 3200
  • 5kg- 4000

Workouts with the light weight dumbbells;

  • Standing abs
  • Step aerobics
  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Bicep curl & overhead press
  • L-presses
  • L-hold pulses
  • Curtsy lunge with kick
  • Wide squats
  • V sit-ups
  • V hold
  • Planks with knee drops

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