Benefits include;

  • While lifting heavy weight loads, the gloves provide a protective barrier for extra support for your hands and fingers so that it may no stress the tendons of your fingers for inexperienced hands.
  • Exercising without protecting your hands will result in blisters and calluses caused through friction. Using Gym gloves will protect the hands.
  • No need for chalk.
  • You can reduce the risks of dropping your weights despite your sweaty hands as the gloves absorb the sweat and allow you to continue having a firm grip on your weights.
  • May help improve your workout techniques.

KUFITNESS is the ultimate kenyan brand of fitness equipment being the birthchild of KUF with over 8 years of experience in the kenyan market selling gym equipment.
After years of research and development from different factories in china,KUFITNESS was born bringing in heavy duty commercial equipment with high tech finishing.
Buying our brand of KUFITNESS equipment means certified quality assurance with guaranteed availability of spare parts and technical support.
KUFITNESS, a brand that lifts.
We can compromise with affordability but NEVER with quality.

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