Cardio Machines


> Screen function: Speed/Time/Dis./Calories/Heart rate
> The panel adopts LED double-color wide display window, which can simulate the display training mode
> Power system: Self -generating type
> Max Weight: 200kg
> Dimensions: 183*68*90cm

Cross trainers work all of your muscle groups (lower and upper limbs, torso, back, and core). The broader your movements, the more these muscles work and the greater your cardio intensity. This is also related to the resistance level you choose.



1).Power:Non-electric ,4 kinds of exercise mode
2).Running surface Area:160cm×58cm
3).Speed limit range:0~20km/h
5).Machine size:200cm×90cm×153cm
6).Max Users Weight:190kg

1. Sprint Training
2. Indoor Drills

1. Sidesteps
2. Interval Sprints
3. Sledge Push


Not only is the cross trainer great when it comes to burning calories but also providing a full body workout by reducing belly fat and toning the body. They work the entire upper body, include the chest and shoulders, As you move the pedals with your feet, your lower body, including your glutes, will get a great workout. No need of a socket as you can easily track your speed, time, calorie and distance as the cross trainer is self powered.


Screen function: Speed/Time/Dis./Calories/Heart rate,
Load Weight- 150kg,
Power system: Self -generating type,
Resistance Tension: 8 Levels.

A recumbent bike primarily targets the muscles of the lower body, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. By pedaling against resistance, you can build strength and endurance in these muscles over time.




What you need to know about the Bike?
Looking to lose weight, tone your body muscles & a basic cardio option? A Spin bike is all you need. Home Use spin bike is also are a great option when one is looking for a high intensity workout as it has a heavier fly wheel this causes the user to exert more effort in pedaling and puts more stress on body joints. The Spin bike also offers a wider range of adjustment in its seat height and handlebar inclination

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