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Yoga mats

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Yoga mats

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats is an ideal mat to have in your house that was mainly designed to prevent your hands and feet from not slipping during workouts. Not only was the mat made specifically for practicing yoga but also you can do certain exercises using the fabricated mat. The mat provides a non-slip and cushioned surface, which make it easier and safer to perform yoga or certain exercises you are doing using the yoga mat.


The Mats are available in 2 types, including:

Ranging from different thickness sizes and colors, our yoga mats come in two types- Thin and Thick. There is no much difference between the 2 apart from the thickness sizes and length but they both range in the same price.


Thin mats;

180cm by 60cm

Thickness level-5mm


A variety of exercises can be done using the Yoga mats- a few include;

  • Yoga, includes many variations e.g. Ashtanga, Kripalu etc
  • Pilates
  • Push-ups
  • Barre
  • Mountain climbers
  • Bodyweight squats
  • Single-leg glute bridge
  • Planks
  • Opposite arm and leg lift
  • Roll up
  • Cat cow
  • Push-up plank
  • Up up, Down Down
  • Plank with hip dips
  • Bridges
  • Walkouts
  • Russian twists
  • Leg raises
  • Superman
  • Cobra pose
  • Downward dog
  • Modified Low Push-Up
  • Child pose



Here at Khaira Ummah Fitness KUF we excel in providing the best quality equipment at the most affordable prices.


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