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Biceps Arm Blaster

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Arm Blaster
Arm Blaster
Arm Blaster
Arm Blaster
Designed to be worn around the neck when performing bicep curls, Arm blaster enable people who are doing curls to maintain better form as while doing bicep curls, it is not easy to prevent your arms from swaying back and forth. If your shoulders and arms are not kept in a fixed position for long, you can end up straining your back muscles, leading to severe back injury and pain.
However, with the Arm Blaster you can easily avoid this problem you can keep your arms in a fixed position and effectively work on your arms muscles.

How To Use The Biceps Arm Blaster?

The arm blaster is a curved piece of equipment that comes with neck straps. It is made of lightweight steel and has elbow pads on both sides. The curved part of the blaster is placed on your chest. The elbow pads are designed to serve as a resting platform for your elbows. The straps come with an adjustable buckle so that you can loop it around your neck and adjust it according to your preferences. Once you have an arm blaster on, you can now easily keep your elbows stationary as well as locked in front of your torso while you perform curls.

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