Kettlebells sizes ranging from 4kg-48kg(Price Per Piece)

4kg- 1,600sh

6kg- 2,400sh


10kg- 4,000sh

12kg- 4,800sh

14kg- 5,600sh

16kg- 6,400sh

18kg- 7,200sh

20kg- 8,000sh

24kg- 9,600sh

28kg- 11,200sh

32kg- 14,4000sh

36kg- 16,2000sh

40kg- 18,000sh

44kg- 19,800sh

48kg- 21,600sh

Kettlebells are a great for strength training.  kettlebells reign supreme because they’re totally interchangeable for dumbbells or other weights but for some weighted moves, especially ones that require an explosive movement . The way they’re shaped makes them much easier to swing around.

Workouts that can be done using kettlebells;

  1. Russian Kettle bell swing
  2. Single-arm kettle bell swing
  3. Two-arm kettle bell row
  4. Kettle bell figure eight
  5. Kettle bell goblet squat
  6. Kettle bell high pull
  7. Kettle bell lunge press
  8. Kettle bell sumo high pull
  9. Kettle bell Russian twist
  10. Kettle bell slingshot
  11. Single-arm kettle bell floor press
  12. Kettle bell power plank with row
  13. Side step kettle bell swing
  14. Kettle bell dead-lift
  15. Kettle bell half get-up
  16. Kettle bell push-up
  17. Kettle bell windmill
  18. Kettle bell clean
  19. Two-arm kettle bell military press
  20. Single-arm kettle bell split jerk
  21. Single-arm kettle bell snatch
  22. Kettle bell push-up with row
  23. Kettle bell Dead-lift

Training with kettlebells during workouts give you more strength, more power but also more flexibility and resistance.You can combine muscle strengthening and cardio training just by using this training tool.

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(a) 4kg, (b) 6kg, (c) 8kg, (d) 10kg, (e) 12kg, (f) 14kg, (g) 16kg, (h) 18kg, (i) 20kg, (j) 24kg, (k) 28kg, (L) 32kg, (m) 36kg, (n) 40kg, (o) 44kg, (p) 48kg


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