What You Need To Know About The Bosu Ball With Handles;

Bosu Ball With Handles effectively aims to Improve Balance & Build Core Strength. With an added feature the resistance handles, you can perform a variety of workouts that can effectively work your upper and lower body. It doesn’t aim to make anyone Stronger, Faster etc but aims to improve balance which benefits aspects of both strength and conditioning. Not only does it focus on Balance but you can achieve extra challenge and create more intensity in your workout by using dumbbells with the Bosu Ball.

Limitless Workouts using the Bosu Ball;

Biceps Curls
Triceps Extension
Front Shoulder Raise
Lateral shoulder raise
Ab curl
Mountain Climber
Single Leg Hold
Ball Lunges
Side-to-side Squat
Kneeling Overhead Press
Chest Press
Bridging Obliques
Rotary Core Twist
Front Lunge
Bulgarian Lunge

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