Comfortable, non-slip & high-quality Squat Pad. Increase the intensity of your workouts as it provides comfort, protects your neck & upper and lower back. You can perform squats, lunges, hip thrusts etc, easily as the squat pad aims to provides excellent stability & balance during workouts with the straps that come attached with it.

Foam Sponge Pad for both Standard and Olympic Bars, comfortably workout out longer and increase the weights as Its lightweight padding provides firm support, while its grooved middle gives your neck comfort.. it also allows you to securely and comfortably place a barbell across your lap in order to make the exercise more challenging it will protect against bruising while helping to stabilize the barbell.

5 reasons to use a Squat Pad:

Heavy Weight- When using heavier weight, it’s natural to use a squat pad while getting acclimated.

New Lifts- Many use a squat pad for squatting, but there are a number of lifts that you can use a pad with. Using a pad while doing hip thrusts ensures the bar doesn’t dig into your hip bone. .

Bruising- If you’re getting bruises on the back or neck after barbell squats, it’s ideal to use one.

Injuries- If you experienced a shoulder, neck, or back injury and the pain is stopping you from getting back under the bar then a squat pad can help.


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