20kg Adjustable Dumbbells Sets with the connector

Cast Iron,1m straight barbell formed with the dumbbell pair.

30KG Set
~ Chrome,1m straight barbell formed with the dumbbell pair.
30KG Set
Introducing the new lock nuts with a special tightening screw, these lock nuts secure the dumbbells, you won’t stand facing an issue of it loosening when working out.

Unleash your inner beginner beast, It is similarly designed for both Men & Women. The Dumbbell set is in demand and therefore consequently bought because it not only is used by beginners but also intermediate and advanced athlete.


Upper body:

1. Dumbbell rows
2. Seated shoulder press
3. Floor bench pressing
4. Bent over rows- single or both arms
5. Bicep curls
6. Hammer curls
7. Overhead triceps extension with one dumbbell
8. Standing shoulder press- single or both arms
9. One arm string
10. Lateral raise
11. Lying Dumbbell fly
12. Weighted Sit-Ups

Lower body;

1. Sumo squats
2. Forward lunges
3. Calf Raise
4. Reverse lunges
5. Dumbbell swing
6. Romanian deadlifts
7. Single-leg deadlift (supported)



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