20kg Adjustable chrome dumbbell set with straight barbell (each hand 10 kg, maximum per dumbbell can reach up to 18 kg)

20kg Adjustable dumbbell set with straight barbell (Chrome) is a variant to our original 20kg Adjustable Dumbbell set with carry case.

There are two major differences between this one and its predecessor. The chrome 20kg dumbbell set doesn’t come with a carry case but you get an extra 4pcs of 1kg plates which make it 11.5kg per hand inclusive of the bar unlike the iron cast is just 10kg per hand inclusive of the bar.

We do have smaller and bigger versions of the chrome dumbbells which you can find if you click here.

20kg Adjustable dumbbell set in addition is a free hand weight which can moreover give you some pretty good results and is also excellent for weightlifting with your own comfort at home or can also be part of your gym equipment. There are different decent variations that you can do with the 20KG Adjustable Dumbbells set. For example, These simple exercises are a great way of working out using the dumbbell set but you also have to plan your training structure based on the workouts and not jump straight into the workout without having proper information.  However, some of them require a bench to work with, you can look at our benches by clicking on the underlined word.

Upper body:

1. Dumbbell rows
2. Seated shoulder press
3. Floor bench pressing
4. Bent over rows- single or both arms
5. Bicep curls
6. Hammer curls
7. Overhead triceps extension with one dumbbell
8. Standing shoulder press- single or both arms
9. One arm string
10. Lateral raise
11. Lying Dumbbell fly
12. Weighted Sit-Ups

Lower body;

1. Sumo squats
2. Forward lunges
3. Calf Raise
4. Reverse lunges
5. Dumbbell swing
6. Romanian deadlifts
7. Single-leg deadlift (supported)

Whether you workout at home or in a gym, in other words dumbbells are a good choice of equipment to workout with that will heat your body up and is a lot easier to come by rather than resistance machines. Burn calories, sweat up and build muscles anywhere- without requiring any fancy equipment.


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