This set will help you unleash your inner beginner beast that is designed for both Men & Women. In addition the dumbbells with straight barbell are commonly used by beginners, intermediate and advanced athlete. The dumbbells set with straight barbell is also available in 2 colors, Chrome & Iron Cast that comes with a case which is neatly arranged with weights on both sides of the box that forms the dumbbells, and also the connector that forms the straight barbell, and can therefore be adjusted Whenever!

The dumbbells can be added up to 15kg on each hand. However, you can also use all weights in 1 hand which therefore adds up to 23kg. The 15kg on each hand is inclusive of the weight of the bar.

Dumbbells with barbell is a free hand weight which can give you some pretty good results and is therefore an excellent choice for weightlifting with your own comfort at home or can be part of a gym equipment.There are different decent variations that you can do with the dumbbells and also with the straight barbell that is formed with the dumbbells. For instance the below exercises are examples of how you can use the set and plan your training structure based on the workouts

  1. Dumbbell rows.
  2. Seated shoulder press
  3. Floor bench pressing
  4. Bent over rows- single or both arms
  5. Bicep curls
  6. Hammer curls
  7. Overhead triceps extension with one dumbbell
  8. Standing shoulder press- single or both arms
  9. One arm string
  10. Lateral raise
  11. Lying Dumbbell fly
  12. Weighted Sit-Ups
  13. Sumo squats
  14. Forward lunges
  15. Calf Raise
  16. Reverse lunges
  17. Dumbbell swing
  18. Romanian deadlifts
  19. Single-leg deadlift (supported)

Whether you workout at home or in a gym, dumbbells are a good choice of equipment to workout with that will heat your body up and is a lot easier to come by rather than resistance machines. Burn calories, sweat up and also build muscles anywhere- without requiring any fancy equipment.


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