15KG Adjustable Dumbbell Set Without Carry Case

(each hand; 6kg, 40cm bar; 1.7kg, Connector; 0.6kg) i.e total weight is 16kg)

i) Get the 15kg Adjustable dumbbell set with the New Pioneer Round Steel Nuts @5000sh 


4pcs 2kg Chrome Plates -2400sh
4pcs 1kg Chrome Plates – 1200sh
2pcs 40cm Dumbbell Bar (Metal Grip) – 1500sh
1 30cm connector for turning both the-
2 dumbbell bars into a 1m barbell – 1000sh

TOTAL= 6100sh

CLAIM YOUR TOTAL DISCOUNT OF 1600sh. Get the 15kg Dumbbell Set for only 5000sh!

With the special offer you can get GLOVES worth 1500sh for only 1000sh, Click the highlighted word to check them out.. (ONLY VALID FOR THIS ITEM).

Looking to add more weights? we’ve got you. Additional weights can be purchased @300 per kg. Click the highlighted words to check the plates out.

In case of any query Call/whatsApp 0726696926

Looking to lift heavier and carry your workout gear with you? Check out our new offer 20kg Adjustable Dumbbell set With Carry Case @9000sh .

Introducing the new lock nuts with a special tightening screw unlike the previous ones these lock nuts secure the dumbbells well thus you won’t stand facing an issue of it loosening when working out.

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15kg Adjustable Set With Pioneer Round Steel Nuts


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