2pcs*40cm with rubber grip

1pc- 1.8m bar

Check out our 50kg set with carry case by clicking on the underlined word.

Ideal for both men & women for a professional body workout, that has the ability to target specific muscle groups most importantly making it a good option to be added in your home gym. 50kg dumbbell set help give you a good workout and are preferred by many. Some workouts  require a bench to work with, you can look at our benches by clicking on the underlined word.

Upper body;

1. Dumbbell flyes

2. Single hand bench

3. Single hand fly

4. Dumbbell overhead press

5. Dumbbell military press

6. Dumbbell lateral raise

7. Dumbbell front raise

8. Dumbbell curls

9. Skull crushers

Lower body;

1. Deadlifts

2. Squats (can also be done with or without dumbbell weight according to the preference of the lifters)

3. Dumbbell squats

4. Calf raises


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