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Going to the gym might seem like a huge mountain to climb for many. Yet, we do have other effective workout equipment options that you can use in the comfort of your home. Dumbbells are one such example. They are simple to use, affordable, and versatile. They are small, portable, and safer than several other high-tech workout machines. Moreover, dumbbells are not restricted to beginners. We have several other advanced workouts that also use dumbbells and can be used at home, at the gym, or anywhere that is most convenient for you.

The dumbbell, also known as hand weights and free weights, is a type of workout tool that is used in weight training. It is used to strengthen the body and tone the muscles. Different dumbbell workouts have been created for a specific group of muscles and can help build strong legs, strong arms, broad shoulders, and even a large chest. The dumbbells can also be used for full-body workouts.

There are three distinct types of dumbbells:

1. Fixed: These come with a fixed handle and weight and therefore no adjustment is required between sets. You can check them out here

2. Adjustable: The weights of these dumbbells can be adjusted depending on the particular set one buys. These ones come either in metal or plastic but are damn expensive, like per kilo it goes for 2000sh

3. Plate loadable dumbbells: These are adjusted manually by unlocking, adding, or removing plates, then re-locking the dumbbells. Most dumbbells out there use the old spin lock system but for us we have introduced the double lock system where the plates wont play around when you use them. Click here to see the variety we have.

Plate loaded dumbbells

Whereas there are a wide variety of exercises and workout equipment, here are some reasons why you should include the dumbbell in your routines:

1. Improved circulation: The dumbbells challenge your muscles and force your blood to pump stronger. This boosts oxygen and nutrient flow in your body.

2. Weight loss: Workouts that involve dumbbells build lean muscles and burn fat. This thereafter leads to weight loss. They also increase post-workout metabolism for an extra calorie burn. This is reflected in a study done in 2017 in the article ‘Obesity’ published on PubMed Central, which found that the combination of weight training plus a low-calorie diet resulted in more fat loss than walking and a low-calorie diet. Furthermore, the adults who performed strength training exercises maintained muscle mass while losing fat.

3. Better sleep: As with any other well-done workout, dumbbells lead to better quality sleep. This could be because resistance training exercises cause post-workout fatigue that can promote better and deeper sleep. And when one sleeps deeply, it helps in your body’s hormone balance which then helps in the growth and repair of muscles. This then translates to better health which then translates to a better quality of life.

4. According to Medical News Today, dumbbells promote balance, stabilization, and coordination. This leads to greater muscle activation at the intermuscular and intramuscular levels.

5. Strengthen bones and joints: One of the cons of aging is the natural weakening of the bones. Using dumbbells will not only strengthen your muscles but also improve your bone and joint health and aid you during your later years.

Furthermore, strength training can reduce the risk for women who’ve reached menopause to develop Osteoporosis (a condition that makes the bones weak and brittle) which can lead to fractures and bone breakage.

6. Lower heart attack risks: Free weights lower your risk for cardiovascular diseases and stroke. A study done by Medicine and Sports in Sports and Exercise journal in 2019 shared their findings that lifting weights weekly, for as little as under an hour, may reduce the risk for a stroke or heart attack by 40% to 70%.

Lack of exe

7. Reduce injury risk: Lifting weights build muscles and when a body is strengthened, it is less likely to suffer injury. A study shared in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy in 2015 stated that strength training increases the diameter and number of collagen fibrils in one’s tendons. Strong tendons can help prevent injury because they connect your muscles to your bones, which provide flexibility and support.

8. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the use of dumbbells can improve muscle force and flexibility.

9. Lifting weights can also boost one’s production of testosterone and growth hormone. These hormones that are released during such workouts build one’s muscles to become stronger and bigger. They also promote tissue growth. These gains are important for conducting daily life activities and also help the elderly to remain functionally independent for a longer time.

10. According to research, lifting weights, for example, the use of dumbbells, can provide health benefits such as regulating bodily functions i.e. blood pressure, metabolic rate and resting glucose metabolism.

If you’ve never used a dumbbell before, here are some key things to look out for when choosing your workout routine.

1. The exercise and movements should be easy to execute and simple to do. It is important to use the proper technique with proper form because incorrect techniques can lessen the effectiveness of an exercise and can even lead to injury.

2. One should be keen not to over-exert oneself or cause injury. It is advisable to start with a moderate number of reps and sets and thereafter, as you get stronger and more comfortable with the workouts, you can gradually increase the intensity of the workout.

3. For a beginner, it is best to first focus on compound movements; exercises that work multiple groups of muscles at the same time. These types of exercises help you gain strength faster and more efficiently while maintaining good form.

If you’re looking to get more in shape and become healthier, dumbbells are definitely a great investment to get to your goals. At Khaira Ummah, we can guide you on which dumbbell will be the best option for you according to size and capacity, materials, and budget. We can also direct you on which effective workout exercises you can include in your daily routine.

If you’re interested in getting dumbbells, check out our ongoing sale and also at wholesale prices at




Long post alert! This might save someone one day


– You receive a call from someone claiming to be a Safaricom representative and your line is actually not yours and has been registered to a multinational company eg coca cola or Eabl and will be de-activated in a few days. You have to prove its yours by telling them the pin on the original card you bought with. In confusion you reveal your pin, they call Safaricom, deactivate your line, renew it and if you had anything in M-Pesa they clear.

– You get a call from people claiming to be Safaricom. They say they want to activate for you a service that will help you reverse money directly incase you send to a wrong number.(who wouldn’t want that!!!) They ask you to get another phone from a friend or whoever you are with, give them the number to call you so that you follow the instructions of actions to perform on your phone. They direct you to the ATM withdrawal option on m-pesa, tell you to put either 286 286(equity agent number) or 555 555 (Pesapoint agent number). They tell you to read them the code(authorization code) sent to you to complete the activation of the service. You do that and you M-pesa is cleared since all you need to withdraw from the ATMs is the authorization code and your number(which they have already since they called you.)

– Common among friends and people you might know. Somebody borrows your phone, saves his number as M-pesa. Forwards you a M-Pesa message and then requests you to give him the cash(often an amount you can afford easily.)

– Common in areas where M-pesa outlet is not very near. Mostly bus stops along the roads or estates. A smartly dressed person driving a top of the range car approaches and requests if you might know an M-pesa outlet nearby. After some explanation, they ask if they can transfer you the cash(all or part) depending on what you have on you and even a promise to send you extra as a ‘thank you’ for saving them the hustle. Say they send you 2500 and you give the 2k cash. After you give the cash and they send you the cash and you get the Safaricom confirmation. They leave, call customer care and reverse the transaction.

– There are others who send money wrongly, you receive the message and the money is there for sure. They call you to return the money and as you confirm they call Safaricom and reverse the transaction. If you had money in your account and try to return you end up sending them your money since they already reversed through Safaricom. NB: if any genuine person sends money wrongly let them reverse it from Safaricom themselves.
– When doing a transaction on M-Pesa beware of people behind you. Most of us are very slow when typing on phone and there are people who are taking advantage to steal our pin numbers. They hang around M-Pesa outlets and as you withdraw they just check what you type as your pin and after you leave the place, your phone is snatched and woe unto you if you have any money left on M-Pesa. Its emptied from the ATMs.

– You receive messages claiming that you have won in a competition currently running from a multinational company. You are cautioned not to send any money to claim your prize. You are told to contact a number given to get instructions how to redeem your prize. They tell you since the amount is big 50k to 100k they will deposit it directly to your account so that you can withdraw it. At this point you are directed to th ATM withdrawal option on m-pesa, tell you to put either 286 286(equity agent number) or 555 555(Pesapoint agent number). They tell you to read them the code(authorization code) sent to you to complete the deposit to your account. You do that and you M-pesa is cleared since all you need to withdraw from the ATMs is the authorization code and your number(which they have already since they called you.) (You cant win in a competition you have not participated.)

– ATM WITHDRAWAL CONMEN PROCESS: What happens is since the ATM withdrawal requires just you phone number and the authorization code, They caution you not to give out your pin even to them. When you enter the ATM withdrawal number 286286 (Equity) or 555555 (Pesa-point) an authorization code is sent to you. Then they tell you to send them the authorization code. If you send them the authorization code they just go to the ATM and since they already have your number(obvious since you have been communicating) they withdraw whatever you have on you phone. you only realize when the confirmation sms is sent you for the withdrawal. Happens mostly to many since they dont know about the pesa-point code.555 555 is mostly used since most of us don’t know about it. Some conmen even tell you they are Safcom agents testing their new ATM application which is not yet operational and they need your input but not your pin since its your secret. You may easily fall for it if you don’t know.

– Someone comes as if they are stranded especially ladies they ask you to help them with your handset 2 call someone 2 send them money. in the middle of nowhere they ask u the name of your boss then they save the no in your phone reading the name of your boss, after a while u get a message from your boss to send him or her money he is coming. the money goes 2 that no an immediately its withdrawn.

Adhere to these subsequent technological tips to avoid being conned by mpesa conmen

1. Don’t accept Fuliza amounts from strangers there’s an opportunity that the phone the stranger is using could are because the product of crime like murder, spreading fake news with SMS, or utilized in crimes of robbery with violence

2. Never accept to be sent money by a stranger to withdraw for him using your phone within the pretext they do not have an (identity card) ID. it’d be a stolen phone or from a victim of a significant crime which may trap you to being an adjunct to a criminal offense you do not realize

The fraudsters have gone to great lengths of using photographs of unsuspecting kenyan patients with various degrees of ailments & peculiar illnesses in various hospitals within the pretext of fixing MPESA pay bill numbers to offset their hospital bills. The MPESA paybill numbers are registered with stolen national identity cards so as to cover their own true identity and wont to con Kenyans of their hard-earned money without their acknowledgement.

The messages of appeal are splashed on social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, and newspaper articles attached with MPESA pay bill numbers that’s meant to receive the donation money. Most of the victims wont to solicit for cash are unaware that their images are getting used for fraud activities to con innocent members of the general public who think they’re helping a dying person.

Recognize Safaricom’s official contacts. Safaricom only calls from 0722000000

Safaricom staff will never ask you to share your MPESA PIN, SIM passcodes or password.

Do not divulge your personal information to anyone.

Notify Safaricom of imposters and suspicious branded links/websites/social media handles. Do not share any personal details with anyone on such platforms.

Always protect your personal information such as ID number, date of birth, full names, address etc.

Do not follow or key in instructions from unknown callers.

Safaricom customer care will never call you and then send you to the nearest agent for a reversal.

Do not divulge any other information such as your one-time passcodes to anyone. Examples include ATM withdrawal code, authentication code for Safaricom app or other service.

A genuine M-PESA message is sent from M-PESA and not a customer’s line.

Do not refund. Request the person calling to forward the message to 456 or to call Safaricom for assistance.

When you receive the fake messages forward them to 333. This helps ensure the numbers are blocked and that other customers are not defrauded.

Be wary of messages from unknown senders saying you have won, or they can give you cash or help

Never send money to unlock prizes, loans, jobs, relief etc.
Be wary of messages from callers who threaten you. Report threats to the police.
Never send money to unknown callers.

Be wary of too good to be true offers or texts. They are from fraudsters and are not genuine. Do not engage the sender/fraudster.

Customers should also send a text to 333 with the details of the line that texted them. This helps ensure the numbers are blocked and that other customers are not defrauded.

The DCI (Directorate of Criminal Investigations) has severally warned members of the general public to be wary and of such fraud activities and cautioned members of the general public to exercise caution when approached by these con artists or encounter suspicious solicitation of such donation appeal that doesn’t seem to be genuine or from an unidentifiable person or an individual who can’t prove their point of needing such donation or any quite assistance that translates to sending of cash through M-Pesa.





sorry for the long message but i need you to help me save the world.

That’s the number we have helped so far get employment through different means.
Covid has hit our country hard but there is a way we can help people get jobs without dishing out an extra penny.
Infact with Khaira Ummah’s genius plan, you will actually be saving ALOT of money whilst also creating jobs.
We are resetting that counter this ramadhan and by the end of the year through your help, we would like to have accomplished that task.


I know what you are wondering, how will we do it?

Here is the plan and I hope you like it, and if you think there is any flaw please feel free to get in touch by clicking

What kind of jobs do we want to create?
People to be able to work from home selling airtime and kplc tokens,pay postpaid kplc bills and nairobi water bills.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Hasham, the founder of Khaira Ummah and the voice you hear in most of our online adverts.

When I first started Khaira Ummah I used to make a commission of atleast 15,000sh every month selling airtime and kplc tokens and currently I am an agent,i.e I train and recruit people to start this business and as we speak I have one agent who makes at minimum 30,000sh a month.

How can YOU help?
As Khaira Ummah we have managed to serve many people with different products and highest level of integrity and customer service ever known, and if you have a different opinion about that,again you can reach me on

So all those people who are our clients and you the reader,we want YOU to help us create jobs.

Here is how!

Airtime and kplc power is something we use on a daily basis, and every day millions worth is sold to consumers.

As an agent selling airtime, he/she gets 6% as commission for selling airtime and 1.4% for selling kplc tokens and 0.9% in paying postpaid kplc bills.

These are the jobs we want to create.

At Khaira Ummah, we have special agent Sakina whose task will be to help you in this mission.

And should you CHOOSE TO ACCEPT you will get these benefits. will be enrolled in our 5% elite program where you will get your special coupon code of 5% discount on any of our gym equipment listed on our site for every month you stay in the program.Once we reach a Certain Target,e.g your anniversary into our club or a certain amount of members, then that coupon will be activated for lifetime. i.e whenever you will purchase anything from our site, you will get a 5% discount always! so better share this message with everyone so that we recruit as many as possible into our club.

2. You will get a 5% discount on any airtime that you purchase from us, minimum per month being 1000sh in order to qualify for elite 5%.
i.e if you buy airtime worth 1000sh, you only pay 950sh to our till number registered to Khaira Ummah.

3. You will save on Mpesa paybill charges when buying tokens and paying your bills.

4. You will be part of the program of creating jobs for your fellow kenyan. As a muslim, this will be your sadaqa Jaria.

5. As a member you are able to nominate someone to be a beneficiary.

By now you must be wondering,how will we do it when all the benefits are coming to you, the member.

I will let you in on a secret.

As an agent we get 6% on the airtime that we sell. correct?
5% we are giving it to you as a discount(you can choose to forego it) for being our member and supporting us.
We remain with 1%!
for those of you know how safaricom Tills work, they charge 0.5% withdrawal charges so at the end of the day we remain with 0.5% as our net profit.

I believe in , haba na haba hujaza kibaba and that is where we need your help.

You have family and friends who also need airtime and kplc tokens, how about you tell them of our plan so even they become members? ?? Remember benefit number 1

An airtime machine costs 34000sh, and an agent needs atleast 20,000 as starting float to operate and start working.

Do the math and see how much airtime do we need to sell so that we get atleast 50k to create a job for one person.

10 million shillings worth of airtime.
I.e 10,000 people each buying airtime worth 1000sh each every month.

Are you going to be among those 10,000?

I hope you are and i so pray you will make this viral to your friends and family.

Remember the 5 benefits.

Once we have reached that target on the counter, we will launch a SHARK tank kinda thing and that 50k per person can help start a business!

Khaira Ummah means the best generation, those who help in enjoining good and forbidding evil.
What better good can be there than to self employ someone who is destitute and has no means and to give them a halaal(virtuous) and easy way of earning?

I am sorry the text was too long but I had to share this idea with you hoping and praying you would join us..

In order to become a member click on
State your name and how much airtime you want of which network and let us begin the mission of completing that 1000 counter by the end of this year

The game Is on!

What you need to know about NHIF (National Hospital Insurance Fund)


1) Did you know that NHIF has partnered with private hospitals to offer value-added benefits to cater for additional expenses besides the daily rebate?

2) Did you know NHIF Members can access these services in most facilities including private hospitals like The Nairobi Hospital, Aga Khan, Mater, MP Shah, Gertrude’s, Medanta, Vital ray etc.?

3) Did You Know that NHIF covers the following specialized Radiology services?

  • CT Scan Kshs. 8,000/-
  • MRI Scans Kshs. 15,000/-
  • Dialysis Services Kshs.9,500/-

4) Did you Know that the following classifications of Surgeries are covered under NHIF?

  • Minor Surgical Procedures between Kshs. 10,000 up to Kshs. 30,000
  • Intermediate Surgical Procedures between Kshs. 40,000 up to Kshs. 80,000
  • Major Surgical Procedures up to Kshs. 130,000
  • Specialized Surgical Procedures up to Kshs. 500,000
  • Kidney transplants up to Kshs. 500,000
  • Oncology Kshs. 25,000 to Kshs. 150,000 per cycle* up to a maximum 24 sessions p.a.

5) Did you know you should Always carry your NHIF Card and ID card during your hospital visit?

6) Did you know that you can visit any NHIF office or Huduma centre and update ALL your dependents (Spouses & Children ) on your NHIF card?

7) Did you know that the Hospital will seek NHIF pre-authorisation, hence you should ensure you fill a pre-auth form for all covered services?

8) Did you know that as the patient you should seek pre-authorization if you require more than 2 Radiology sessions per week?

9) Did you know that all Surgical Packages (must be preauthorized) by the facility via the NHIF hospital portal?

10) Did you know that for very special cases, the hospital may request the patient to seek NHIF pre-authorization direct?

In such cases, the documents required are:-

a. Comprehensive medical report

b. Filled NHIF Pre-auth form

c. Pro-forma invoice

d. scanned copy of NHIF card

e. National ID

11) Did you know that FA medical cover caters for bills NET of any charges payable by another insurance/payer including NHIF?

Ensure you have your NHIF card and ID card for the procedures and the FA insurance cover will issue an undertaking for the difference.

* These rules DO NOT apply to life-threatening/emergency cases.

You pay up to a Maximum 1,700/= a month and hence you should enjoy NHIF Services!!

How to gain 250k followers on Facebook in one month.

  1. How To Get 250,000 Actual Fb Followers In Underneath A Month

Okay, earlier than we get began, I wish to differentiate between bought followers and actual followers on Fb. You are able to do any kind of Google search and discover lots of of internet sites that can have their robotic and spam account followers go and like your fb web page in just some hours. And in the event you do this, you’ll break your Fb web page. You see, Fb has an algorithm that appears for most of these actions. And in the event that they discover that your web page is indulging in a fast repair, they are going to penalize you. Going ahead your natural attain shall be stymied and your web page won’t ever have the potential it may have had in the event you had constructed it the right approach.

Now, though we’re going to be discussing actual followers, this doesn’t imply you didn’t pay for them. As a substitute, you’ll be paying Fb. As a result of Fb has turn into a pay-to-play community for companies. They only wish to just remember to’re paying them and never another person. And after I say you’ll be paying for them, I imply you’ll be spending promotion to draw them.

A convention employee passes a demo sales space at Fb’s annual F8 developer convention, Tuesday, April 18, 2017, in San Jose, Calif. (AP Picture/Noah Berger)

Alright, so is it potential to get 1 / 4 of 1,000,000 folks to love your web page in underneath a month? Sure. It’s truly fairly straightforward if you observe a set plan. I’ve performed it myself a number of occasions over for pages that my company owns and operates.

You will want money and time to perform this. If you happen to’re anticipating to have the ability to do it without cost, then it’s nonetheless potential, however it’s ridiculously unlikely that you may accomplish it in the timeframe laid out.

One fast notice earlier than we start. There’s the opportunity of “boosting” your web page on Fb which can appeal to folks to love and observe your web page. You will get folks to love your web page for anyplace from 50 cents to five per follower on common. This isn’t that technique. As a substitute, we’ll be concentrating on a value per new follower properly beneath 5 cents.

First Step

You’ll first wish to determine an viewers that has a big quantity hooked up to it. By this I imply you wish to select who shall be followers of your Fb web page. And also you’ll wish to make sure that there are sufficient of them to warrant a 250,000 follower quantity. Thus, in the event you’re making a Fb web page for canine house owners, select canine house owners. Don’t select hairless chihuahua house owners who stay in Arizona. That second viewers is way too small and also you’ll by no means achieve your required following.

When you’ve recognized them, you’ll wish to create a saved viewers within the Fb adverts platform for this group. I like to recommend making a half dozen variations of the viewers and goal them in several methods. As an illustration, you’ll be able to select individuals who like pages about canine. It’s also possible to goal individuals who observe different fashionable canine pages. There are even methods to focus on folks primarily based on their shopping for habits. So, create a couple of completely different ways in which you’re going to focus on canine house owners (once more, the viewers we’re utilizing for example).

Second Step

Arrange your Fb web page and fill in all of the pertinent data. I additionally advocate creating an Instagram web page on the similar time since you’ll be able to obtain lots of collateral advantages on Instagram out of your actions on Fb. For instance, one of many pages that I’ve created on Fb reached the 250,000 follower mark and the Instagram web page reached 30,000 followers in that very same time with virtually no further effort.

Third Step

You’ll now wish to discover out what your viewers is participating with. Go to pages that talk to your audience and research the posts they’re placing up. Discover out which of them are getting essentially the most likes and shares. Then create a posting calendar on your web page and emulate these posts. As an illustration, in the event you discover that folks have interaction with cute photos of canine (which they do) at a excessive fee, you then’ll wish to supply as many of those posts as you’ll be able to. They could additionally have interaction with coaching ideas (which they do), so that you’ll additionally wish to work posts in about that matter as properly.

On common you’ll wish to publish at a minimal of four to six occasions per day. And spend a couple of days populating your web page with posts earlier than you begin any kind of promotion. That approach the web page appears prefer it’s been round for some time. You might have a better probability of individuals following your web page in the event that they see some historical past.

Play Video

Fourth Step

You’ll now wish to increase each single publish you publish. I like to recommend utilizing a set small quantity per publish. Normally that is $5 to $10. And also you’ll wish to increase them for simply someday.

As a fast cheat sheet, photos will get essentially the most engagements when it comes to reactions (likes, love, giggle), shares, and feedback. Movies will obtain lots of views, however much less actions. Updates are third in attain, and hyperlink shares are lifeless final within the quantity of individuals you’ll be able to attain for a similar sum of money. So, I might put most of your time into picture posts at first.

Fifth Step

The explanation you’ll be boosting each publish is since you’re in search of the outliers with regards to price per engagement. Some posts can price 10 cents per engagement and others will be upwards of $1 per engagement (a horrible publish if that’s the case). However there are some fortunate few that shall be beneath two cents per engagement, and a few even lower than a penny. These are those you’re in search of. As you skim the information, discover the posts that did extraordinarily properly on a value per engagement foundation after which return to these posts and increase them with extra finances.

You may spend as a lot as you need, however look ahead to diminishing returns. They ultimately begin costing extra per engagement as time goes on. And it varies on how a lot boosting every publish can deal with. I’ve had some posts that I’ve spent hundreds of on and I’ve had others that lose their efficacy after 50 .

Sixth Step

Now you need to begin rising your following. Individuals may have preferred and adopted your web page primarily based on a few of your promotions. However the fast technique to get new followers is to undergo the posts that acquired reactions, click on on the parents that reacted, and now you’ll be able to invite these folks to “like” your web page without cost. There’s a restrict on how many individuals you’ll be able to invite per day, and it varies primarily based on account.

I’d advocate including a couple of admins to your web page with a view to enhance the quantity of invitations you’ll be able to ship out. As an illustration, after I first began doing this, I might add my spouse’s Fb account as an admin on my pages after which have her undergo and invite her day by day restrict after I used to be performed. You probably have coworkers, mates, or household, I’d advocate utilizing them.

This may permit you to achieve hundreds of followers for very low-cost because you had been in a position to get them to react to your web page for pennies, if not much less, and you’ll invite them without cost, you’ve mainly decreased your price to virtually nothing for a brand new follower.

Seventh Step

You proceed this course of each single day for a whole month. At concerning the two week interval you’ll wish to now begin “boosting” your web page, as I discussed above. You probably have an excellent following and fascinating content material, you must now be capable of get your paid followers down beneath 20 cents in the event you’re concentrating on your viewers appropriately. If you happen to can’t, then don’t flip that marketing campaign on. It’s not value it.

And that’s how one can obtain over 250,000 followers in just below a month. As I’d talked about it’s been completed a couple of occasions on my own and my staff. It does take lots of work and your finances will in all probability find yourself being round $5,000 to $10,000 in paid promoting with Fb.

And in the event you’re questioning if it’s value it. The reply is a convincing sure. If I had been to easily increase a publish to a audience on Fb, I can count on to succeed in 1,000 folks for each $5 to $20 spent. With an viewers of 250,000 my common publish reaches over 150,000 each time I publish. If I publish four to 10 occasions per day, I could make up my prices in a couple of weeks

How to avoid getting conned online!

Here are some pointers on how to avoid getting conned whilst making online purchases.

Many people fear sending money while purchasing something online due to fear of getting conned.

This is what you should look at to know the authenticity of a business.

1. Social footprint.
Where did you see the advert, is it on facebook, instagram, olx, pigiame or through the website on google?
Find out how old the business is, how many likes and followers they have and if they have any bad reviews on any of their products.
Its alot of work to check manually but its worth it.

2. Mode of payment.
Is the business registered?
If someone is asking you to send Mpesa on a personal number and if you dont ‘know’ the individual personally,then DO NOT send money to them, because when they con you, you cant get them back, safaricom wont help you neither will the law.
The only way a business can be legit is if they have a paybill or lipa na mpesa till number. In order for Safaricom to give a paybill to anyone, you need proper government documentation, and incase someone with a paybill cons you and you have proof that you sent the money but you dint receive the goods, then that will be a criminal offence and the company can lose alot, even be shut down if you sue them.

3. Proof of dispatch after purchase.
The company should send you a waybill from the bus company through which they have dispatched the goods.

I have made this video to show you the waybills we dispatch to our clients and you can verify all the above points with khaira Ummah, we dont fail in any. We believe in integrity and quality,after all you are not our only stakeholders,we do this for the greater good of helping the needy.

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