Here are some pointers on how to avoid getting conned whilst making online purchases.

Many people fear sending money while purchasing something online due to fear of getting conned.

This is what you should look at to know the authenticity of a business.

1. Social footprint.
Where did you see the advert, is it on facebook, instagram, olx, pigiame or through the website on google?
Find out how old the business is, how many likes and followers they have and if they have any bad reviews on any of their products.
Its alot of work to check manually but its worth it.

2. Mode of payment.
Is the business registered?
If someone is asking you to send Mpesa on a personal number and if you dont ‘know’ the individual personally,then DO NOT send money to them, because when they con you, you cant get them back, safaricom wont help you neither will the law.
The only way a business can be legit is if they have a paybill or lipa na mpesa till number. In order for Safaricom to give a paybill to anyone, you need proper government documentation, and incase someone with a paybill cons you and you have proof that you sent the money but you dint receive the goods, then that will be a criminal offence and the company can lose alot, even be shut down if you sue them.

3. Proof of dispatch after purchase.
The company should send you a waybill from the bus company through which they have dispatched the goods.

I have made this video to show you the waybills we dispatch to our clients and you can verify all the above points with khaira Ummah, we dont fail in any. We believe in integrity and quality,after all you are not our only stakeholders,we do this for the greater good of helping the needy.