sorry for the long message but i need you to help me save the world.

That’s the number we have helped so far get employment through different means.
Covid has hit our country hard but there is a way we can help people get jobs without dishing out an extra penny.
Infact with Khaira Ummah’s genius plan, you will actually be saving ALOT of money whilst also creating jobs.
We are resetting that counter this ramadhan and by the end of the year through your help, we would like to have accomplished that task.


I know what you are wondering, how will we do it?

Here is the plan and I hope you like it, and if you think there is any flaw please feel free to get in touch by clicking

What kind of jobs do we want to create?
People to be able to work from home selling airtime and kplc tokens,pay postpaid kplc bills and nairobi water bills.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Hasham, the founder of Khaira Ummah and the voice you hear in most of our online adverts.

When I first started Khaira Ummah I used to make a commission of atleast 15,000sh every month selling airtime and kplc tokens and currently I am an agent,i.e I train and recruit people to start this business and as we speak I have one agent who makes at minimum 30,000sh a month.

How can YOU help?
As Khaira Ummah we have managed to serve many people with different products and highest level of integrity and customer service ever known, and if you have a different opinion about that,again you can reach me on

So all those people who are our clients and you the reader,we want YOU to help us create jobs.

Here is how!

Airtime and kplc power is something we use on a daily basis, and every day millions worth is sold to consumers.

As an agent selling airtime, he/she gets 6% as commission for selling airtime and 1.4% for selling kplc tokens and 0.9% in paying postpaid kplc bills.

These are the jobs we want to create.

At Khaira Ummah, we have special agent Sakina whose task will be to help you in this mission.

And should you CHOOSE TO ACCEPT you will get these benefits. will be enrolled in our 5% elite program where you will get your special coupon code of 5% discount on any of our gym equipment listed on our site for every month you stay in the program.Once we reach a Certain Target,e.g your anniversary into our club or a certain amount of members, then that coupon will be activated for lifetime. i.e whenever you will purchase anything from our site, you will get a 5% discount always! so better share this message with everyone so that we recruit as many as possible into our club.

2. You will get a 5% discount on any airtime that you purchase from us, minimum per month being 1000sh in order to qualify for elite 5%.
i.e if you buy airtime worth 1000sh, you only pay 950sh to our till number registered to Khaira Ummah.

3. You will save on Mpesa paybill charges when buying tokens and paying your bills.

4. You will be part of the program of creating jobs for your fellow kenyan. As a muslim, this will be your sadaqa Jaria.

5. As a member you are able to nominate someone to be a beneficiary.

By now you must be wondering,how will we do it when all the benefits are coming to you, the member.

I will let you in on a secret.

As an agent we get 6% on the airtime that we sell. correct?
5% we are giving it to you as a discount(you can choose to forego it) for being our member and supporting us.
We remain with 1%!
for those of you know how safaricom Tills work, they charge 0.5% withdrawal charges so at the end of the day we remain with 0.5% as our net profit.

I believe in , haba na haba hujaza kibaba and that is where we need your help.

You have family and friends who also need airtime and kplc tokens, how about you tell them of our plan so even they become members? ?? Remember benefit number 1

An airtime machine costs 34000sh, and an agent needs atleast 20,000 as starting float to operate and start working.

Do the math and see how much airtime do we need to sell so that we get atleast 50k to create a job for one person.

10 million shillings worth of airtime.
I.e 10,000 people each buying airtime worth 1000sh each every month.

Are you going to be among those 10,000?

I hope you are and i so pray you will make this viral to your friends and family.

Remember the 5 benefits.

Once we have reached that target on the counter, we will launch a SHARK tank kinda thing and that 50k per person can help start a business!

Khaira Ummah means the best generation, those who help in enjoining good and forbidding evil.
What better good can be there than to self employ someone who is destitute and has no means and to give them a halaal(virtuous) and easy way of earning?

I am sorry the text was too long but I had to share this idea with you hoping and praying you would join us..

In order to become a member click on
State your name and how much airtime you want of which network and let us begin the mission of completing that 1000 counter by the end of this year

The game Is on!