Going to the gym might seem like a huge mountain to climb for many. Yet, we do have other effective workout equipment options that you can use in the comfort of your home. Dumbbells are one such example. They are simple to use, affordable, and versatile. They are small, portable, and safer than several other high-tech workout machines. Moreover, dumbbells are not restricted to beginners. We have several other advanced workouts that also use dumbbells and can be used at home, at the gym, or anywhere that is most convenient for you.

The dumbbell, also known as hand weights and free weights, is a type of workout tool that is used in weight training. It is used to strengthen the body and tone the muscles. Different dumbbell workouts have been created for a specific group of muscles and can help build strong legs, strong arms, broad shoulders, and even a large chest. The dumbbells can also be used for full-body workouts.

There are three distinct types of dumbbells:

1. Fixed: These come with a fixed handle and weight and therefore no adjustment is required between sets. You can check them out here

2. Adjustable: The weights of these dumbbells can be adjusted depending on the particular set one buys. These ones come either in metal or plastic but are damn expensive, like per kilo it goes for 2000sh

3. Plate loadable dumbbells: These are adjusted manually by unlocking, adding, or removing plates, then re-locking the dumbbells. Most dumbbells out there use the old spin lock system but for us we have introduced the double lock system where the plates wont play around when you use them. Click here to see the variety we have.

Plate loaded dumbbells

Whereas there are a wide variety of exercises and workout equipment, here are some reasons why you should include the dumbbell in your routines:

1. Improved circulation: The dumbbells challenge your muscles and force your blood to pump stronger. This boosts oxygen and nutrient flow in your body.

2. Weight loss: Workouts that involve dumbbells build lean muscles and burn fat. This thereafter leads to weight loss. They also increase post-workout metabolism for an extra calorie burn. This is reflected in a study done in 2017 in the article ‘Obesity’ published on PubMed Central, which found that the combination of weight training plus a low-calorie diet resulted in more fat loss than walking and a low-calorie diet. Furthermore, the adults who performed strength training exercises maintained muscle mass while losing fat.

3. Better sleep: As with any other well-done workout, dumbbells lead to better quality sleep. This could be because resistance training exercises cause post-workout fatigue that can promote better and deeper sleep. And when one sleeps deeply, it helps in your body’s hormone balance which then helps in the growth and repair of muscles. This then translates to better health which then translates to a better quality of life.

4. According to Medical News Today, dumbbells promote balance, stabilization, and coordination. This leads to greater muscle activation at the intermuscular and intramuscular levels.

5. Strengthen bones and joints: One of the cons of aging is the natural weakening of the bones. Using dumbbells will not only strengthen your muscles but also improve your bone and joint health and aid you during your later years.

Furthermore, strength training can reduce the risk for women who’ve reached menopause to develop Osteoporosis (a condition that makes the bones weak and brittle) which can lead to fractures and bone breakage.

6. Lower heart attack risks: Free weights lower your risk for cardiovascular diseases and stroke. A study done by Medicine and Sports in Sports and Exercise journal in 2019 shared their findings that lifting weights weekly, for as little as under an hour, may reduce the risk for a stroke or heart attack by 40% to 70%.

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7. Reduce injury risk: Lifting weights build muscles and when a body is strengthened, it is less likely to suffer injury. A study shared in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy in 2015 stated that strength training increases the diameter and number of collagen fibrils in one’s tendons. Strong tendons can help prevent injury because they connect your muscles to your bones, which provide flexibility and support.

8. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the use of dumbbells can improve muscle force and flexibility.

9. Lifting weights can also boost one’s production of testosterone and growth hormone. These hormones that are released during such workouts build one’s muscles to become stronger and bigger. They also promote tissue growth. These gains are important for conducting daily life activities and also help the elderly to remain functionally independent for a longer time.

10. According to research, lifting weights, for example, the use of dumbbells, can provide health benefits such as regulating bodily functions i.e. blood pressure, metabolic rate and resting glucose metabolism.

If you’ve never used a dumbbell before, here are some key things to look out for when choosing your workout routine.

1. The exercise and movements should be easy to execute and simple to do. It is important to use the proper technique with proper form because incorrect techniques can lessen the effectiveness of an exercise and can even lead to injury.

2. One should be keen not to over-exert oneself or cause injury. It is advisable to start with a moderate number of reps and sets and thereafter, as you get stronger and more comfortable with the workouts, you can gradually increase the intensity of the workout.

3. For a beginner, it is best to first focus on compound movements; exercises that work multiple groups of muscles at the same time. These types of exercises help you gain strength faster and more efficiently while maintaining good form.

If you’re looking to get more in shape and become healthier, dumbbells are definitely a great investment to get to your goals. At Khaira Ummah, we can guide you on which dumbbell will be the best option for you according to size and capacity, materials, and budget. We can also direct you on which effective workout exercises you can include in your daily routine.

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