How to get rid of belly fat and get a six pack?

Some people think having a pot belly is a sign of affluence or success, you are gravely mistaken!

If you are obese as in FAT and you think you have no problem, you are lying to yourself because you are about to be in alot of problems!(ask your doctor)

Many of us see adverts on fb and ig of people using gadgets and getting a nicely shaped,muscular toned body and you rush into buying and using those machines: after seeing no results for some time,you give up and back to your unhealthy life.

Getting a six pack is not necessary for a health body,however people make it to be the end goal,to look attractive.

How does one get a six pack?

DO NOT be deceived that by buying one of those you will have a body like ronaldo.?
He works out for 3-4 hrs daily in the gym and has a strict diet, he is using that machine to make his abs stronger and burning of any excess fat to remain shredded.

What is the Ab EMS simulator?
The ab belt uses electrical muscle stimulation, or EMS, to pass electrical current through the body causing the muscle to contract. Small electrodes inside the belt come in contact with your bare skin, sending the electrical pulses through your skin to do the ‘work’ for you.

The work here means toning and strengthening an already existing six pack but got hidden by a layer of fat.

Not interested anymore?
Dont worry,you dont need to workout for 3-4hrs daily to get a six pack.

These are currently the ways used to get a 6 pack.(reduce body fat and gain muscle strength)
(i). Use of workout machines(hard to easy):
1.Dip machine
2.Push Up panel
3.Revoflex Extreme
4.Iron fit bar
5.28 in 1 Wonder Master
6. Ab EMS stimulator.

NOT the heat sauna belt!
NOT the EMS stimulator only.

i) Use of body weight exercises:
1.Crunches,reverse crunch,bicycle crunch.(NOT sit ups)
4.Russian twist
5.Toe touch
6.Side plank hip lifts
7. Oblique V ups.
8. Leg lifts.

and the main thing after doing all those is to watch your DIET! (burn more than what you intake)

Hope you are still reading.

Here is a simple workout plan for your everday strength training!

In the mornings,if you are going to the gym or are working out at home.
You can do one major and one minor body part.

During mid day(before lunch)you can wear your Ab EMS stimulator for 12-24 minutes.(everyday one setting)

In the evening,
Using the revoflex(beginner) or the ab roller(advanced) do 3 sets of 12 reps each.
Go all the way to the front with your knees and toes to the ground and body outstretched till you are 2 inches from touching the ground then come back to start(1 rep)
Relax for 1 minute in between sets thereafter do this.

Start slowly so that your body gets used to the exercise.

Give it a rest one day and be consistent.

Cut down sugars and have a healthy balanced diet, come back to me after 3 months and tell me how many inches you lost??

Or just forget about getting abs and waste your hard earned money in buying this device so that you can electrocute yourself everyday.

Oh i forgot,here is how to use the Ab EMS stimulator.

So we now know that it doesn’t make you thin,it just sends a tiny voltage causing your muscles to contract,which you can increase to experience stronger contractions?no offense to the ladies but i did feel like i was having pregnancy contractions,so yea its that bad if you increase the levels that high!
There are 6 modes,i suppose you can use one for every day.
Set a comfortable level where you can walk around and do other cores while your abs get stimulated and increase with time.
The device is quite simple,just put in the batteries in the remote,clip it onto the belt,remove the plastic from the adhesive pads and stick it on your tummy.
Click on,choose program and increase the current.
Please do not use this if you have a defibrillator or any metal in your body!
And dont use it immediately after eating. atleast 1 hr before or after.
Do not use it whilst doing any exercise!
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