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Commercial MultiGym with Cable cross-over


Commercial Multigym

Commercial MultiGym With Cable-Cross Over

Commercial Multigym

A classic among gym equipment, the commercial multi gym with Cable cross-over offers formidable flexibility and variety of exercise in a new, cutting-edge design. Unlike other gym equipment this multi gym offers multiple upper and lower body exercises within a compact piece of gym equipment. The dual side handles on each side offers wide range of workout options including chest press bench, A cable cross over and face pull. Given an option with a wide range of exercises, the Multi gym with cable cross-over makes it an ideal machine for those looking to just tone up, as well as those wishing to train more intensely.

MultiGym exercises which can be done on it;

1. Bench press flatbed effect
2. Bench press decline effect.(by moving the seat up and targeting lower chest)
3. Wide arm chest flys.
4. Narrow grip chest flys
5. Cable crossover
6. Standing front pull up.
7. Standing side pull up.
8. Tricep front grip pull down
9. Reverse grip pull down.
10. Tricep rope pull down.
11. Sitted Overhead tricep extensions.
12. Standing overhead tricep extension.
13. Single arm dumbbell curls.
14.Double arm dumbbell curls.
15. Preacher cushion concentration curls.
16. Forearm exercise on preacher.
17. Wide grip lat pulldown
18. Narrow grip lat pulldown
19. Standing lat pulldown
20. Kneeling rows
21. Sitted rows
22. Reverse cable crossovers.
23. Facepull
24. Wide grip reverse lat pulldown.
25. Narrow grip pull ups.
26. Leg extensions.
27. Standing leg curls.
28. Calf raises.
29. Lateral leg raise with ankle strap.
30. Sitted ab pulldowns
31 standing ab pulldowns.

Special Features;

Lat Pull down bar: Back, Shoulder, Tricep & Biceps

Triceps press down rope-:Triceps, Back & Shoulder

Flys: Chest & Back

Leg extension

Tricep press down single rope: Biceps, back & Leg

Weights stack: Adds up to 75kg

An Adjustable and Lock knob at the top part plus another knob at the bottom that adjusts the seat.



Exercises the fitness equipment, equips you with;

  • Upright row
  • Low row
  • Standing triceps extension
  • Butterfly
  • Pectoral contractor
  • Deltoid raise
  • Side bend
  • Back kick
  • Standing inner thigh
  • Triceps push down
  • Lat pull down
  • Leg extensions
  • Standing leg curl
  • Vertical chest press
  • Standing arm curl
  • Seated triceps extension
  • Ab crunch (Cable)
  • Standing outer thigh


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The above feature is known as the Lat Pull Down Bar which is a feature available in the MultiGym that is effective to work your Back.

Workouts that target your Back;

Lat Pull Down

Another feature available within the Lat Pull Down Bar is a pulley attachment. It is effective on working your Triceps.

Workouts that target your Tricep;

Slanding Tricep extension

Tricep Push Down


Triceps press down rope

This Tricep Press Down Rope is another added feature in MultiGym making it an ideal tool to work your Triceps & ABS. You can add the Triceps Rope feature which you will have to purchase separately for 2500 ksh.

Workouts done using the Tricep rope;

Seated triceps extension

AB crunch (Cable)



The MultiGym includes Handles on both the sides which is an effective feature to work your Chest, Back, Triceps & Biceps. 

Workouts done using the Handles;

Butterfly- targets back, chest & biceps

Pectoral contractor- targets chest, back & biceps

Vertical chest press- targets shoulders, upper abs & triceps


Leg extension

This MultiGym has a Leg extension feature targeting your both your front and back hamstring.

Workouts done using the Leg Extension;

Leg extension

Standing leg curl


multigym lower pulley feature

This Multi purpose bench offers another feature known as the Tricep press down single rope. It offers a wide range of workouts targeting most body parts.

Workouts that can be done using the Tricep press down single rope;

Upright Row: shoulder & forearm

Low Row: back, forearm & biceps

Deltoid Raise: shoulder

Side Bend: Obliques

Back Kick: Hamstrings

Standing Inner Thigh:

Standing Arm Curl; biceps

Standing Outer Thigh: hamstring



multigym adjustable knob
multigym knob

With this Adjustable Knob you can adjust the handles to different levels when working out

~ Kindly note Installation is done at an added cost.


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The V-grip is perfect for building stronger triceps with various compound pushing exercises, assisting muscles around elbows, wrists, back and shoulders. You can add the V-Grip feature which you will have to purchase separately for 2500 ksh.


The Commercial MultiGym includes another great feature the Preacher Cushion. The Cushion can be attached too the bench when working out and Di-attached if its not needed.

Workouts done using the Preacher cushion;

Arms: forearms & biceps


Length– 178cm

Width– 109cm

Cablecross-over extended– 223cm

Height– 210cm

Here at Khaira Ummah Fitness KUF we excel in providing the best quality equipment at the most affordable prices.

How to order:

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Fill in your details(precise street address if in Nairobi)in the checkout form and choose your selected mode of delivery,

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