?START A BUSINESS WITH ZERO CAPITAL and earn atleast 44k every month ?

?NOTHING comes for FREE, you have to work hard for it, read on if you are game

?Khaira Ummah is looking for airtime and kplc token vendors.

? If you have over 1000 contacts in your whatsapp who are willing to buy airtime worth 1000sh and tokens of 1000sh every month from you then you can easily make the 44,000sh required to buy the airtime machine plus some extra for float.

How to know your potential income?

? multiply the number of contacts you have in whatsapp by 44. and that is if all of them buy from you 1000sh airtime and 1000sh tokens.

? Are you ready?

? Tell me how many contacts you have and let me open up a doorway of side income for you ?

? Most people who want to make money,don’t have the money(capital)to start with.

Khaira Ummah wants to sponsor you to get you a machine of your own and start earning money.

? what you need before you embark on this money making journey.

1000(or whatever number you are comfortable with)friends who are ready to support you and buy from you,they’ll also get a 3% discount.

a bank account with chase bank bondeni with a lipa na mpesa till number associated with the account.

Zeal to work hard and make a side income of atleast 30k every month.(condition of 1000 active contacts applies to get 30k)

Are you ready

?watch my clip to see the potential

? To read more on how we arrive at those figures, click here ?

? ? Whatsapp(don’t call) me on 0726696926 to apply

?The attached pic is from my machine,accumulated commissions since october 2017 working with 150 clients and ONLY 3 days a month.

? Think you can do better? Heaven YES u can do,if you want to?

Whatsapp 0726696926 and lets get cracking.

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