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1.Dimensions: 151*85.4* 209cm

2.Step height: 21cm

3.Step effective width: 56cm

4.Drive mode: motor driven.

5.Functional Display: Time, Climbing Height, Calories, Steps, Heart Rate

  •  PAIR 2x 32KG Dumbbells with INSTANT adjustable weight selection from 2-32KG per dumbbell.

  • 【Weight selections】2KG, 4KG, 8KG, 12KG, 16KG, 20KG, 24KG, 28KG, 32KG

  • The innovative 32kg Adjustable Dumbbell is the perfect dumbbell for your home gym set up, whether you’re looking to train in your garage or your living room, removing the need for a full rack of dumbbells and can be used to build, strengthen and tone your entire body.
  • A quick, simple and safe adjustment dial is featured on the side of each dumbbell, all you have to do is give the dial a quick twist to the weight that you would like and then lift the dumbbell out and it will only take the amount you’ve selected.

Olympic Bumper Plates; (sold in pairs)
5kg pair 5,000sh
10kg pair 10,000sh
15kg pair 15,000sh
20kg pair 20,000sh
25kg pair 25,000sh


PRO-LIGHT NEOPRENE; (Sold Per piece @1600)
Elbow support has two adjustable velcro fastening straps that can be adjusted to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The wrap around design provides all around support and stability.

The PRO-LIGHT range is made from neoprene rubber and infused with polyester as well as polyamide for extra strength, flexibility and comfort, to ensure a secure fit. The neoprene fabric is designed to retain body heat; this warming effect on the muscles and joints increases flexibility and helps prevent injuries. Each product is designed to give maximum support whilst maintaining a comfortable fit.


(Sold Per piece @1500)
Advanced Wrist Support incorporates the base of the thumb to provide a secure fit around the wrist joint. The extra supportive power wrap can be positioned to maximize stability and adjust the level of compression.

Aero-Tech range is designed for maximum comfort and stability to help recover from injury and prevent further damage. The range has high quality breathable neoprene to retain body heat around the joint and muscles to increase flexibility and stimulate blood flow. The support is lined with a terry-cloth fabric for comfort and to allow airflow. Each item has additional support strategically placed to ensure stability and added strength.

Fits upto 25cm


(Sold Per piece @1000)
For support and compression around the wrist. intended uses can include but are not limited to mild sprains and strains, overuse injuries, tendonitis, and mild carpal tunnel syndrame. The ACTIVE ELASTICATED range is made from a high-quality fabric, with the combined benefits of nylon, polyester as well as latex for superior strength, flexibility and comfort, to ensure a secure fit. The support is firm and effective on weakened muscles and joints, and helps prevent injuries.

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