1. Red Line- Shoulder Movement

With the push up panel, The shoulder effectively forms upper body muscles and provides multiple effective positions and angles for shoulder muscle transportation.

2. Blue Line- Chest Exercise

Providing a plurality of movements that effectively  form the positions and angles of pectoral muscles and upper limb muscles.

3. Green Line- Triceps Movement

Provides movements at multiple positions and angles to effectively form peptide triceps muscles

4. Yellow Line- Trapeziums Muscle Movement

  • Provide multiple positions and angles of movement to effectively form a strong spine.
  • The combination trainer is the most representative unarmed exercise with effective chest and shoulder development, and beginners can also exercise easily and safely.

Guides to Use Of Multi-functional Combination Trainer

• Specific muscle movements by color!

By inserting Hand Grips according to color, you can exercise shoulder muscles, triceps muscle and all parts of the spine.

• Easy To Use

Just insert the handle to the desired position and it will be over! Simply change where you want to exercise.

• Strong handle

The handle made of PP/ABS composite plastic can prevent slip without worrying about sweat.

• Reinforcing plate body

The lower part is reinforced with a maximum load of about 100Kg.

We’ve got for you push-up bar only 3,000sh so as to build your muscles and remain handsome?


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