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Power Rack With Cable Cross-Over


Power Rack
Power Rack

Adjustable Power Rack

Adjustable Power Rack is a common piece of fitness equipment most often used for barbell exercises and is considered the most important tool for strength training. It consists of a steel cage that you stand in while exercising. These cages have horizontal safety bars that can be adjusted at varying heights to spot you during your workout. They are typically located wherever squatting is taking place. Although squatting is often associated with power racks, you can actually do several different exercises safely inside them,

> Wide & Narrow Pull Up Bar
> Cable Cross Over
> 2 Grip Dip Handle
> Pin/Pipe Safety Set
> Seated Row Foot Board
> Landmine (360 degrees)
> Barbells & Weight Plate Holder
> 14 Height Choices

Workouts done using the Power Rack include;

> Bench Press
> Shoulder press
> Bent-over row
> Dead-lift
> Lunges
> Calf raises
> Biceps curls
> Shoulder Shrugs
> Rack Pull
> Barbell curl
> Squat
> Inverted rows
> Up-right row
> Overhead press (along with variations like the barbell seated press and the overhead rack lock out)

A safety feature is available with the power rack, as it has the adjustable safety catches that keep the weight from falling on you as most lifters lift barbells without the support of anyone or anything, which isn’t a good idea.

Check out our Squat Rack by clicking on the highlighted word.

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