resistance bands


Thickness level: 6mm (5mm steel cable, 1m Covered with PA coating)

400sh per meter 


Resistance Bands; (Available in 4 types).

  1. Resistance Bands With Handles
  2. Resistance Long Bands
  3. Resistance Booty Bands

Highest quality and thread count nylon,the bands are snap-resistant and capable of maintaining the maximum resistance levels even after repeated stretch and use and they can not only be used for daily fitness and burning fat but are also widely used by rehabilitate people suffering from leg,back and knee injuries. This workout kit is designed for both men and women and in-fact is a perfect choice for women who are looking to keep their bodies in shape after pregnancy and birth.

PORTABLE WHEREVER & WHENEVER: Resistance Bands with Handles are packed in a carry bag and can easily fit into your backpack or briefcase.


Booty Bands are great for targeting your core and lower body, they can also be used for shoulders and arms.They’re a great compliment to your training, especially when you’re increasing your mileage. They are used to rapidly activate your glutes and engage your hips through an array of lower body exercises. The goal is to stimulate legs, glutes and hip complex to give the thigh and butt a more robust physique by creating a muscular, yet rounded shape. Get a free manual displaying a few workout examples that can be done using the bands.


Long Resistance bands is a fitness equipment designed for both men and women, whether you are a beginner or athlete. The long band can be useful in various exercises as an assist e.g, Pull-ups, Squats, deadlifts, curls, stretching etc. Long Resistance bands come in 5 different Sizes, Resistance levels some which are light and heavy and, Colors.

Long Bands;

i)Yellow band 300sh. 6.4MM

Strength 2-7kg

ii)Red band 500sh 13MM

Strength 7-16kg

iii)Green band700sh

Strength Level- 8-20kg; 19MM

iv) Black band 800sh 22MM

Strength 13-27kg

v)Purple band 1100sh

Strength 16-38kg 32MM

vi)Green band 1400sh

Strength 22-56kg 44MM

vii)Blue band 64mm 2200sh

Strength Level: 29-79kg

viii)Orange Band 83mm 3000sh

Strength Level: 36-104kg

ix)Grey Band 102mm 3500sh

Strength Level: 48-113kg


Length- 5cm

Thickness (whole tape)- 2cm

Market price is 400-600sh get our own customized Sellotape helpful in joining, sealing, attaching and mending for only 200sh.

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