The secret to better health with no recurring expenses.

Do you believe so?
If not here are the words of the most noblest of mankind,our beloved Prophet Mohammad s.a.w
“There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment.”

I have suffered from asthma since I was a child and I was told there is no cure for it,keep pumping Ventolin,it will go away.
Read my story here.
3 years ago I met Dr *Hakim Abdullateef* with whom I carried out my asthma treatment and body weakness

How i got rid of Chronic Asthma And Sinus

Last year we held a free herbal clinic courtesy of *Khaira Ummah* where he saw approximately 100 in msa,150 in Nairobi and a few in Garissa.
Most of those diagnosed took medicines for a few months and were satisfied with results,some with critical problems are still continuing their medication.
1 such patient who developed prostate cancer had his urine completely blocked,Dr Hakim came here and through his treatment,its been 2 weeks now and the cancer is almost gone.
He has seen a few women who have cysts in their uterus courtesy of pads,a patient who needs a liver transplant,a patient with skin cancer and a few HIV cases.
He leaves on 12th dec and before he does,I thought why not give everyone an opportunity to solve their health problems the natural way.
You must have read how big pharma is turning us into customers,
With natural medicine,the practitioner looks for the cause of the problem and uproots it from the source so that you not only abate symptoms but also cure the disease once and for all.
Book your appointment with our ayurvedic,Yunanic and Electrohomeopathic expert.
He will be in Nairobi from 2nd-11th dec
For Mombasa,we will plan somewhere in mid January.

Whether you have:
brain diseases(memory loss,madness,depression,hysteria etc),heart diseases(hypertension,blocked Valves etc)
Nose dysfunction,
Eye diseases(cataracts etc)
Liver diseases,
Blood cancer,
Stomach diseases(ulcers,acidity,constipation)
Kidney diseases(failure,stones,swellings)
Gall bladder stone,
Uterus diseases(periods,discharges,fibroids,cancer,cysts)
Anus diseases(piles,)
Sexual problems(erectile dysfunction,premature ejaculation,low sperm count,increase in penile length and girth)
Sciatica,arthritis,diabetes,jaundice,vein problems.
Basically every disease,there is a way out.
For more diseases and info
P.s website still under development.

He usually charges 1000sh for diagnostic consultation but for Khaira Ummah members and customers,he will only charge 500sh.
Come and get checked in the most unique way ever and have all your body problems outlined for you.
Whether you want to now go get them proved using MRIs and CT scans is upto you.
Whether you would like to start medication and see results within a week,then you can be advised on the costs of the meds.
All medicines are prepared under the scrutiny of many doctors of Dujana Herbal Research Centre.
Pure medicines from pure organic materials with 0 side effects.

To book your appointment.
Click on this link.
State your name,age and what problem you have.
The location for the Nairobi visits is
If the link doesn’t work
Just WhatsApp on 0735884425
Or call 0722494604


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