Tired of your gym routine with the same workouts every other day but instead want to add something different to feel less bored? Introducing the TRX bands that can be added to your workout plan. TRX Bands use body weight resistance to build muscle, strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. They’re suspended from a single point, usually on the ceiling or a secure bar, but the real workout begins when you start leaning away from that point.

Adjusting the level of difficulty is easy: Simply moving your feet or your hands a few inches away or toward the point where the TRX is grounded. Suspended push-ups, single leg squats and even bicep curls challenge your balance and stability. When you lean away, your body is forced to balance, which works your core and activates your muscles. TRX training can up the ante of even the most traditional body-building moves. Doing push-ups with a suspension trainer gives your muscles a stronger growth stimulus than regular push-ups. Also Performing a plank with the TRX makes your abs muscles work harder than regular planks.

TRX Bands are not only designed to target specific parts of your body but targets both your upper and lower body.

Try These 7 foundational Movements that can be done with the TRX Bands;

  1. TRX Pushup
  2. TRX Pull
  3. TRX Plank
  4. TRX Rotate
  5. TRX Hinge
  6. TRX Lunge
  7. TRX Squat

Check out our Agility Rope Ladder. Agility Ladders are known to increase the effectiveness during your workout sessions, helping blast fat and burn more calories.

How to order

Here at Khaira Ummah Fitness KUF we excel in providing the best quality equipment at the most affordable prices.

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How to order through the site:

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