Table Tennis Set With 2 High-Quality Bats, 3 Ping Pong Balls And Carry Case

High Quality Table Tennis Set all-in-one, includes a retractable net, 2 high quality bats and 3 ping pong balls. Beneficial for a learner, Advanced+ or sportive competition thanks to its high-quality material it was produced with. Consists of 7 layers the Table Tennis Set paddles is made of popular wood high-elastic and antioxidant rubber surface that improve the spin, speed and control. Fit the retractable net easily on the table width up to 5 feet, the sturdy spring action clamps allow the ping pong net to attach to any table with a generous allowance of 2 inches.

Why you need to invest in the Table Tennis Set

Make your outdoor or indoor games even more interesting as you can play the sport anytime, anywhere and is also portable so whether you are at home, gym, or on a travel, camping trip, picnics, this tennis set will be with you in every moment of joy. Easy and quick to set up.

Play more and sweat it out, not only does it bring a moment of joy when playing but frequently playing table tennis gives you a good workout that helps burn calories. Play on your dining table or at the office- this sports tool is all you need.

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