Smith Machine is a one time good purchase if you’re thinking of setting up a gym or need your own fully fledged gym at home. Take this beautiful masterpiece from JX.

What this Multi-purpose smith machine offers?

  • A multi-gym at the back for chest flies.
  • Pullies for cable cross overs which can be adjusted all the way from up until down for different exercises. You get the triceps rope extension for face pull and triceps exercises, ankle extensions for legs, extra handles for pull exercises, a long bar which you attach also with the hooks to those pullies and use it for back and arms.
  • And then we have main Olympic bar for the squats.
  • It has locking mechanism and safety mechanism which also locks into the frame.
  • It has handles for dips and a pull up rack designed for various positions.
  • Strong pulley system with 4.8mm core cables.
  • It has plate racks where you can place your plates.
  • The format of this machine is such that you can place it independently or you can screw it to the ground for better stability.
  • For those heavy lifters, screw it to the ground.
  • It has a leg stopper for your back exercises and leg exercises.
  • It has a place to keep your bar.

The safety for the squat rack, also has its own locks, you can lock it wherever you want, moves up and down.

It has a holder for your T-Bar. So if you want to do T-Bar rows, put Olympic bar there into this extension so you can use it whether on then left side and then on the right side or the left side.
You get an extra extension for rowing. You can use any of these extensions anywhere, change the positions depending the way you want.

What you get with the Smith Machine:

Get this commercial smith machine worth 210k with the following EXTRAS worth 75k i.e get an 75k discount
2.2m olympic bar worth 9000sh for doing your T bar rows,deadlifts, bench presses and squats outside of the smith commercial dumbbell press bench worth 30,000sh for using with the smith and outside it for various exercises.

120kg Tri Grip Rubber Olympic plates worth 36000sh

Get them with the smith and get a bulk discount.


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