Multi Gym is an ideal equipment as a workout station for any fitness and can be placed in a home-gym or industrial gym that doesn’t require a big fancy spacing. With this perfect equipment its an ideal option for many who are beginning their fitness journey.

Not only does this multi gym target specific body parts but it’s designed for all perfect exercises that target every muscle group. The 70kg pin-loaded weight stack offers adjustable resistance that satisfy all your weight training needs.

This fitness equipment, equips you with;

  • Bench press
  • Pec deck
  • Preacher curl pad
  • Shoulder press
  • Leg extension
  • Low row bar
  • Lat pull-down bar
  • Abdominal strap
  • Ankle strap
  • Hand strap


Length- 170cm

Width- 102cm

Height- 200cm


Workouts done using the Feature below;

Reverse grip pull down

Standing front pull down

Standing side pull down

Wide grip lat pull down

Narrow grip lat pull down

Standing lat pull down

Sited ab pull down ( using the pulley)

Standing ab pull downs ( using the pulley)

Tricep front grip pull down

Tricep rope pull down

Seated overhead tricep extension

Standing overhead tricep extension

You can add the Triceps Rope feature which you will have to purchase separately for 2500 ksh.

The additional feature will be effective in targeting;






The two handles in the multi gym offers a Combo Press/Butterfly station that target your upper body effectively and offers a Padded feature that works your arm and chest muscles comfortably. Using the Preacher Pad it can comfortably isolates biceps and ensures proper form while performing bicep curls.

Workouts done using the above feature;

Bench press  effect.

Bench press

Wide arm chest flys

Narrow grip chest flys

Single arm dumbbell curls

Double arm dumbbell curls

Preacher cushion concentration

Forearm exercise on preacher

Kneeling rows (Using the bench)

Sited rows (Sited rows)

Face pull up

Padded with 4-foam stations the Leg Extension targets both your front and back hamstring.

Workouts done using the Leg Extension;

Leg extension
Standing leg curl
Calf raises
Lateral leg raise with ankle strap

Known as the Lower pulley, it is mainly effective in working your legs,biceps, rows and many other exercises.

The V-grip is perfect for building stronger triceps with various compound pushing exercises, assisting muscles around elbows, wrists, back and shoulders. You can add the V-Grip feature which you will have to purchase separately for 2500 ksh.



Product specifications;

1:1 Cable Ratio

Weight Stack: 70kgs can go up to 140kg due to pulley efficiency 63kg/134kg max resistance

Weight stack per piece: 5kg

Max user weight: 135kg

Recommended max user height: 6′ 4”

Packed flat

Kindly note Delivery is done at an added cost which is not correctly stated on the checkout page due to it being a large item, it cant be carried on a bike, needs a vehicle.





Additional information

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1. Tricep Rope, 2. Semi Commercial Multi Gym, 3. V grip, 7. Tricep rope


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