Available in 3 Sizes;

Length- 140cm and width- 5cm(cushion padding), Waist size: 41-55” (XL)
Length- 130cm and width- 5cm(cushion padding), Waist size: 36-47′ (L)
Length- 100cm and width- 8.5cm(cushion padding), Waist size: 24-35” (XS)

Keep good form & prevent injury. The Number One Thought in a Weight Lifters Mind is to Keep Good Form. Our Lifting Belt allows you to do just that. Whenever you lift, you put pressure on your abdominal muscles & back. But with the thick Leather belts, our Bodybuilding Belt will give you the Core & Lumbar Protection you need, to let you work on your Dead-lifts or Pend-lay Rows Safely.

Why you should invest in a Gym Leather Belt;

Weightlifting belts can help support the back by increasing intra-abdominal pressure and preventing back hyper-extension. They are most effective when used for lifts in which the spinal erector muscles work against heavy resistance. However, many ill effects, such as high blood pressure and abdominal muscle weakness, may result from improper use of
weightlifting belts. Thus, they should be used sparingly in training. A belt reduces low back stress by compressing the contents of the abdominal cavity.


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