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Dip Machine With Bench

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Dip Machine
Dip Machine

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Dip Machine

Dip machine combined with a bench and pull up bar. Dips are a body weight exercise for the triceps and the muscles of the chest and shoulders. The movements are called dips because you literally dip your body between parallel bars as you bend your elbows 90 degrees. This machine is designed for pull ups, dips, abs, chest press, push ups etc. The machine is finely constructed with Steel frame that  is tough and durable for reliable everyday use. Dip stand can be folded so it doesn’t get in the way when not in use. The removable weight bench provide flexibility during your strength training workout, The sit up bench could be decline, flat and disassemble. With a variety of stations and positions, you can all-around training abdominal muscles, arm, back, chest, shoulders and leg muscles.

The Dip Machine can be used for;

You can use it for pull up exercise, dip stands, Incline push ups, vertical knee raise, Hammer pull ups, chin ups, pull ups, dips, leg raise machine, weight workout and chest exercise. Heavy duty powder coated steel tube frame and non- slip foot sets help with stability, designed with elbow pads, ensure safety during workout for you and your loved ones. with Built-in tool kit accessories, please refer to the instruction before installing the pull up bar.

Dips have many benefits such as;

1. Allows you to add extra weight- You can wear a dumbbell between your legs, a weighted
backpack, weighted vest , or wear an appropriate belt where
you put plates on.

2. They are superior to push-ups- With dips, you are lifting the full weight of your body (plus the
extra weight you add). With push-ups, you’re only lifting a
portion of it.

3. It’s a compound exercise- you build more strength, muscle, and burn more calories.

4. It is Very customizable

5. Increase flexibility

6. They help reduce injuries


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