Produced with a high-quality finish, chrome electroplated weight plates are designed with a smooth, curved-edge design with a chrome finishing around the whole plate that helps keep the chrome to last for a longer period without rusting.

Chrome plates are relatively cheaper compared to Olympic plates but it doesn’t offer any less. Olympic plates have a wider diameter hole plus a rubber finishing while Chrome Plates have a smaller diameter hole with chrome finishing.

The weight plate is a flat, heavy object with a chrome finishing, that Is used with a combination of barbell to produce a bar with a desired total weight for the purpose of physical exercise. Available in a range of weight sizes from 5kg- 20kg and are perfect for all levels of gym users.  With the combination of the weights and barbell you can work on your biceps and triceps, doing shoulder press and bench exercises using weightlifting tools to focus on different muscles in your body.

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Just 300sh per kg!

  • 1kg pair plates – ksh 600
  • 2kg pair plates – ksh 1200
  • 5kg pair plates – ksh 3000
  • 10kg pair plates – ksh 6000
  • 15kg pair plates – ksh 9000
  • 20kg pair plates – ksh 12000

N:B; Please check your bars before purchasing chrome weight plates to ensure that they will fit correctly.

The Chrome Electroplated Weight Plates are in all sizes and is the best price available in the country

Purchase 70kg worth of plates and get a 1.8metre barbell costing 4000sh for FREE

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(a) 1KG Pair, (b) 2KG Pair, (c) 5KG Pair, (d) 10KG Pair, (e) 15KG Pair, (f) 20KG Pair


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