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Booster Hook

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Wrists straps
Booster Hook

Booster hook is utmost an ideal fitness tool to help improve and build a stronger grip. Not only is this fitness accessory ideal to build a strong grip for power-lifters and body builders it helps you improve your daily life handling and confidence. Each pair comes with two hooks so lift to your utmost potential with the hooks that hold onto the bar for you, so you can focus on your form.

The hook provides maximum comfort and support as they were designed extra wide to give your wrist stability and they’re amply padded for cushioning so you may not be distracted by the hooks being there. Made of heavy-duty solid steel so it may serve the purpose well to be used hard and often without sings of wear and tear. They are strong enough to have a pull rating of 300kgs

Extra thick and long, booster hooks can fit any man or women perfectly regardless of their wrist/hands size as its adjustable as on/off grip gloves. It has a safer grip due to the nonslip coating on the hooks.

Booster hooks are great for all types of pulling exercises, including: Dead-lifts Lat Pull Downs Shrugs Low Rows Pull Ups Most Back & Shoulder Exercises Power Lifting Heavy Lifting


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