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happily presents the best and the most efficient system that gives you a chance to earn a minimum of 15k every month and even more depending on your hard work.

The airtime industry is a billion shilling daily revenue industry, so why not tap into it and make some money?

This week you definitely have topped up your phone with airtime. Your family members and friends, regardless of where they are, THEY have done the same thing too.

FACT is, you might have used some of this airtime to communicate to one another.

FACT is, the retailers who sold to you the airtime got paid for you to communicate.

FACT is YOU did not save/earn anything from that.

Things are about to change.

KHAIRA UMMAH has partnered with Ezeemoney to allow you to receive daily commissions based on the airtime that you use and sell.

So what do you get currently without any hard work?

You get 6% commission for any airtime you purchase from any network(safcom,airtel,telkom,) .
You save on mpesa charges whilst buying KPLC tokens and also get 1.4% commission for every sale and a 5sh transaction fee commission.

My story:
As you are aware and you might even be buying airtime,bundles or kplc tokens from me,i started this project in april 2017 and by end of september 2017 i have already made 60,000sh in commissions by giving ONLY 72hrs of my time to it every month.
I repaid my machine and bought a new machine in Oct 2017,as of today Oct 2018,i have made 104,939

So what if you make this your side hustle or a full time job?

How to EARN BIG?
Imagine selling 100sh to 50 customers daily(that’s the minimum someone can do in a day)
That equals to 5000 in a day and 150,000 in a month so you get a commission of 9000sh.(airtime only)

For kplc tokens, you can make much more.
Imagine having 100 clients in your locality buying 1000sh monthly, most people use between 2000-5000ksh and if you get a company doing 30,000sh every month then you are set.
So 1000sh monthly for 100 clients,your neighbours, thats 1400sh minimum commision.

The possibilites are many,all depends on how hard you work.

Its ALL LEGAL,small investment of ksh 23000/34000 needed, then you can add a float of how much ever you want and you can use one float to buy any network/kplc

The 34k machine is portable so you can carry it with you wherever you go and sell to whoever you want!!

We offer free training and support to our members

To join KHAIRA UMMAH’s team,
to start your own business.
The sky is no longer the limit.


there are two types of machines:
1. Stationery with led screen, has a powerbank to operate it, too bulky to carry around, its sold at ksh23000/-

2. Handheld with touch screen, lightweight and portable goes for ksh34000/-

There are two ways you can sell.
1. Face to face interactions, which is the most profitable one depending on how you employ it.e.g you can sell to your friends and family or you can hire Someone who goes around in town can sell worth 50k on a bad day,thats 3000sh commision. You can pay an employee 1-3% of whatever he sells,thats 15k salary for him only if he is to hawk airtime and kplc tokens in town.

2. Via whatsapp where people send you money via a till number
(you need a business certificate for this/or just a PIN number and we can get you one via SBM bank)
This is the much easier way and very much profitable since market depends on how many people you have and how many online like your quick service.

This has been my method so far.
I print all the airtime and keep in my phone,whenever someone buys i just forward them the 14 digit PIN.
Little time is required in it, and the returns are equivalent to your customer base.
It all depends on the amount of work.
I spend only 72hrs a month in this project, the 1st and 2nd of every month for kplc tokens and the rest i just print airtime and keep in my phone.

So you buy a machine first,either one you like, we register you, give you your own web portal and teach you how to operate it.

You put in float of your desired amount via equity,SBM or mpesa and transact with.

-auto floating,
-all your sales records tracked online,
-your own website portal maintained by the company,
-airtime commission settled next morning.
-kplc commision settles 20th of every month.

You can sell airtime of any network to anyone,those near you or far away.
You can print kplc tokens and get them instantly without any delay(unlike normal routine)

If you dont have the time to sell yourself then provide a job for someone,LOOK FOR:
A young energetic male/female who is jolly and trustworthy to be ready to work as an airtime vendor.
The job will include covering an area of town where he/she will be responsible to walk among the people and offices and sell airtime to them and he can earn between 2-3% commission on whatever he sells basically earning from 15-20k every month.

Check out how others are performing here.

To get yours anywhere in kenya, whatsapp me on 0726696926.

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