How to make 100m Ksh in 1 year. Haha don’t read this!!

dont imagine.
sell airtime!
everyday billions are used in airtime.
if you can tap into the market and sell them airtime.
@6% commision. you need sales of 1.7b in a year of any network i.e 4.6 million in a day. so you need 4,600 unique people everyday to purchase 1000sh airtime from you. or the same 46000 to purchase 100sh daily from you. so from a sale of 4.6 million in a day you will make 279,452sh a day resulting into 102m profit annualy.
now the question is how to get those sales. before we get to that,let us start with how much money you need to start this business in order to make you 100m annually. For sales of 4.6m. a day,you cant sell to 46000 people manually hence you will need a website costing 50k integrated with all APIs(airtime,mpesa,kplc etc)
since it takes 30 seconds to serve one customer. the maximum you can serve is 2000 clients manually.
so 50k for the website.
4.6m daily float,assuming you dont have that much to start with, divide it by the number of hours to enable refloating.if you refloat hourly that will be 270k.if every half hour then 135k.
how to get those 46000 clients giving u 279,000 everyday,spend 30k in ads and grow your business.

all this is hypothetical based on my experience of working 3 days a month and making 10k as side income. read more here.

Airtime & KPLC machine

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