Cheapest Data Bundles


Apart from 1GB@ 100/- per day of Airtel and telkom, and 25gb@1000sh of faiba,
many mobile data consumers use safaricom data bundles for internet.

Did you know that you can save over 140% on internet expenses if only you could plan well.
These are the current rates:
7.5gb@1k: 1mb@0.267
12Gb@3k : 1mb@0.25

As observed,the bigger bundles you buy the cheaper they become but then there is a catch, they all expire within 30 days.

    What if i told you

, that we can remove the expiry date so that instead of you buying 1gb every 2 weeks you can buy 12gb and save 3000sh.
Not only that we usually give a 7.5% discount on all our data bundles as seen in this pic.

Get it if you are a frequent user of safaricom internet.
Offer valid while stocks last.
Whatsapp NOW 0726696926

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