So recently a forward went around stating how cartels are looting us with kplc vendors etc

Many were just forwarding out of anger without realising it was alot of hogwash.


The first lie was that the vendors charge 83sh per unit while kplc charge 55sh…like what?πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚

The main reason for the outcry was the paybill charges and the confusing formula of kplc on how they calculate tokens.

This is how kplc charge you for tokens.Obviously its a very tricky calculation as they keep changing the tax figures but you might have noticed the trend where they used to give 70 units for 1000sh at first then they kept gradually reducing it till currently they only give 60.1units for the 1st 1000sh but then that’s them selling their stuff.
Here it is but dont worry we will simplify it for you.

Their current rate for june 2018 will be disclosed in our token advert. Whatsapp 0726696926 for it.

Why third party vendors?
If you knew how things work then you would understand why its necessary for kplc to have other companies selling tokens for them, kplc actually pay them a commission for doing so!

In business there is something known as a supply chain.
Where producers(farmers) give their produce to distributors who then package and sell to wholesalers who then supply to retailers and thats where we buy from.
This applies to each and every commodity in the world.

With kplc they are the producers of tokens,their paybill and retail outlets do sell directly to consumers but as you must have experienced it by now,there is always a delay when you buy through 888880, why? they are not sabotaging it like how it was claimed,No.
Millions of transactions are going through safaricom who then credit kplc who then produce the token and send it to every individual number! Ask a programmer how many service requests those are,ofcourse their system is bound to crush or slow down hence the need for distributors.
Now the distributors are big companies with superfast servers that have been given access to kplc systems so that they can access the tokens when given the correct metre number.
These distributors then have retailers like our company who have a terminal(Read about it here) and from there we can print for our clients the exact same tokens that you get when you go to any kplc centre.

As i previously said,its a service being offered hence there is commission being given out by kplc themselves,so it doesnt make any economical sense why they would sabotage their systems so that people can buy from distributors,that’s an added expense to them!

Now coming to the part where rumors say that you get overcharged for buying from third parties instead of KPLC directly.
I dont even understand what the motive was behind that preposterously baseless message.


HERE is proof that whether you buy from kplc or someone else you get the same units except for minute difference that is a result of transaction charges,either by safari com’s paybill service or the distributor.

This is me buying 500sh worth of tokens from kplc,vendit and from our machine. Attached is the mpesa message and the tokens.

1. kplc

2. vendit

3. khairaummah

If you notice, whenever i purchase 500 from the paybill of either kplc or vendit,i get charged 22sh so in essence am spending 522sh to get 21.7 units but you will see that with Khaira ummah i got 21 units,why? check the token amount it says 485. so they minused 15sh as transaction charges.

We give you more!
When you pay 500sh through our till number you dont get charged 22sh for the transaction, nop! only 500sh is deducted from your mpesa whereas with others 522sh is deducted.
So now lets see who gives more units.
If we buy 522sh from khaira ummah which is equal to buying 500sh from the others then we get 22 units.
an extra of 0.3 units.

not only that but our service is instant:


KPLC sell at a fixed rate of between 21-22.5 and as you buy more it reduces,i.e becomes cheaper by a fraction..

An estimate of how much you will get when you buy🀩

1000sh- *44.8* units.(22.32/unit)
2000sh- *90.3* units.(22.14/unit)
3000sh- *135.8* units.(22.09)
4000sh- *181.2* units.(22.07/unit)
5000sh- *226.7* units (22.05/unit)
7000sh – *317.8* units
*NOTE* when you buy elsewhere instead of 1000 you are paying 1023 coz of the mpesa charges.🧐

Advantage of buying with us,😎
1.You get slightly more units with your expenditure(1000)☺
2. you save on mpesa transaction fees.😌
3.When systems are down😳,you dont lose your money.
4.When you lose your token😱,you can always ask us to reprint for you.πŸ™ƒ

Kindly follow these steps:

request for kplc prepaid tokens or airtime. If available then send your metre number and amount required
2. Send πŸ’Έpayment to.
Lipa na mpesa>buy goods>968261
3. Wait ⏱and your token will be sent to you.

Incase of system delays which are rare,we will request you to wait.

If you do not get as indicated😞 it means,your metre has a problem and you should follow up with kplc.
We are just vendors on their behalf.

*How airtime is charged*

Buy 1000sh airtime get 50sh *FREE*
Buy 500sh airtime get 20sh *FREE*

5.5% discount on all networks.

😜Buy airtime for others,get airtime for yourself for *FREE!*πŸ˜‚

Ask for Safaricom DATA bundles without *Expiry date*

*Working times:*

Other times will be available but will experience delays.


Please share with everyone you know and save them money while you support our charity works!

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