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IF you have painful sinuses allergic to so many things and are constantly using anti-histamines,constantly sneezing,losing efficiency in everything,then be happy😊

IF the first thing you wake up on a cold day and start looking for your ventolin inhaler so that you can breathe, then the time has come now to say goodbye.

Assalamu aleykum,Peace be upon you,
my name is Hasham and this is my story.

Since childhood i have been a sneezing wheezing kid mostly due to Passive smoking from some *irresponsible adults* I hate smokers!

Since then i have tried every remedy there is to curb this menace in my life, no steroid left unturned.
I remember during my primary school days,i used to blank out as i cant breathe,and they used to Nebulise me in Aishabai memon clinic.
My father was told that turtle oil(mafuta ya kasa) can cure asthma during childhood but it had a ghastly taste,i chose breathlessness over that although later regretted.

My sinus issues worsened in high school where the cetrizine i used to take used to cause me drowsiness,hence being late and underperformance had become a norm.once i got so depressed that i almost repeated a class,just cause my health was getting affected.
Later on,after being diagnosed with several ENTs in mombasa that i have Allergic Rhinosinusitis(the name is such a mouthful,i feel like am announcing a superpower ability)i went to Upperhill medical centre and got my allergies tested by Dr Bhowry,after that i could atleast prevent myself the frequent attacks,But when they happen i would sleep all afternoons and miss classes
infact on my kcse day i went late to my IRE paper,reason,i overslept.
Who oversleeps during Kcse?🤦🏻‍♂

The ENTs tried all sorts of available medicines on me,every month i used to get an upgrade on my anti-histamines,
Nasal sprays were of no use to me as i had a bent septum which only worsened my condition.

For a muslim believer,there is nothing more sad than missing the fajr prayer with Jamaa,
If by any chance i would start sneezing at night,i would not take meds until fajr then fell asleep hence getting late everywhere,During college and my initial work days, my two bosses can attest to this fact,i used to report to work at 10am😱at times instead of 8am like the other staff. Alhamdulillah,All praise is due to Allah,one side effect which was unique to me was that the drugs used to make me hyper so i performed 4 times or sometimes 10 times faster than a normal person(not an exaggeration,i actually timed myself)
So i lived the prime years of my life as a zombie cum junkie. 🙁
I used to go to the clinic every month due to a bacterial infection in my respiratory system just to get a 5 day dose of heavy antibiotics.
I even forgot how my original voice sounded like,i only used to get unblocked noses for two days a month. the rest of the time it was a siege on my olfactory cells.

Eating meds and pumping ventolin made me old when i was still young.
Kidney infections,arthritis and all sorts of other ailments.
What do you expect from a teenager who sleeps more than 12 hrs a day?

All changed when i went to Hajj 3 years ago,i met a specialist who gave me medicines that would rid any sihr inside of me and rejuvinate my body back to point Zero.
Imagine i used to constipate for 4-5 days and i never bothered about it because my pain points,those destroying my life were,Asthma and sinus.

After returning from there i met an indian herbalist(the producer of IST E QUDUS) who promised to help.
First my body needed to be detoxified,blood cleaned of all viruses and muscles and bones strengthened to normality.
After that was over and when the medicine for Asthma was finally ready(took 1 year) i started using it and immediately felt a difference.

I used to take a pill of sinus every other day,my pharmacist friend can attest to that.(p.s when she read this article,she was like,’i never knew you went through all that’)
I used to take ventolin pump every day before i leave for fajr.
I would give anything to be normal.
After using these meds for 1 month,i had stopped all my other medications, and felt the strength of my youth back.
I could work in a dusty store unaffected.
in my pre health days, slight dust achooo, slight cigarette smoke achooo, slight perfume achooo,slight hair growth in the nose and slight weather change, bam.

i couldnt even do steaming with robb,guess what? i was allergic to menthol🤦🏻‍♂

so now am 4 months into the medication, only 3 times did i have to take my sinus pills and ventolin pump,that also maybe i forgot to take the meds, like am feeling so okay that i forget.
and once in these 3 months i got a severe infection and had to go on flugone and amoclavin.

These meds(IST E QUDUS) is like an answer to my daily prayers and as the beautiful saying of our beloved Prophet (p.b.u.h) goes,”love for your brother what you love for yourself”
This packet you see here is what i was using for the past 6 months,and a months dose cost 10,000ksh

Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah as of today 26/8/2018,it has been 5 days since the fast before Eid when i finally finished my 6 month dose, i have been waking up with no blocked nose or wheezing chest and in these 6 months.

so why are these meds so expensive?
Technically the materials to make them are cheap,but in order for these meds to be made as powerful as they are now,it requires to be buried in the ground for a year then only does it mature.

The good news is that after our FREE medical camp,the Expert decided to make the medicines more affordable by making it into smaller portions hence instead of spending 10,000sh like i did, you can spend 3000sh a month and you can start off with a 2 week dose going for ksh1500.
This medicine has guaranteed results and i wish we could make it cheaper so as to help as many as possible but sadly,its production is expensive hence that is the best you can get it at,and if you value your time and have a need of leading a pain free life full of releif,then this is my personal recommendation!

To book yours whatsapp 0726696926

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