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We offer doorstep delivery for all our products and in order to be more efficient we send you a polite message which we expect you to follow so that you can help us deliver to you as quickly as possible.

The message looks like this.

your delivery is ready,kindly click on this button and share your location.

Why send us your location?
In a day we have many deliveries done by different riders. in order for us to deliver efficiently we need to map out and plan before we come to you.

Here is a simple way of sending your location.

Step 1.
Click on the Clip icon
Step 2.
click on the location icon
Step 3.
click on the ‘send current location’

Please co-operate with us,as we are saving you money,time and fatigue and getting you the best products at the best prices delivered right at your doorstep.

What happens if you dont?
The old method is for us to call a client and ask his/her position,once we reach there and cannot find it maybe,we have to call again,and this time the client doesnt pick for one reason or the other,what happens? time gets wasted.
another client elsewhere is waiting and now you have become a source of inconvenience to others.
whereas had you sent us the location,we would call you two drop off points beforehand so that we tell you we are coming,that way you are near your phone and your delivery done promptly.
many a times a client rushes off to the bathroom forgetting that you have ordered something,and the delivery guys calls and waits x10
eventually the client has to come to our store to pick the item,we wouldnt want that for you.

Please co operate!
We thank you for your support.
Khaira Ummah.

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